Thursday, November 10

timing is everything even when we think the timing is all wrong

So, I am one week in to the "off work" part of my injury.  My form from the doctor says "absent from work beginning November 3 for 3 weeks" or something close to that effect.  Someone mentioned that they wondered if this timing was God ordained.  Now part of me has thought that "if" it was God ordained, I have to wonder about God's timing.   But the other part of me has often said that "God's timing is always right".  SO .... which is it?  (guess I need to stop being so wishy washy hey!)

I have to be on crutches and in this big boot with minimal weight bearing on my booted foot for 1.5 weeks until I begin physio with Jay.  My first app is next Tuesday.   THEN I think I can let the crutches go and walk without them although still minimally until the three weeks is up, at which time Jay has to say if I am good to go back to work or need more time.  I have to say that my employer Canadian Blood Services and my co-workers have been amazing to me.  I have a feeling that my coworker DSR's are working extra shifts to cover mine.  How will I ever repay them!  (I really miss those women!!)

Now, that being said, I do remember back a week and a bit ago, when I was talking with God and sharing how I am struggling with lack of Quiet Time with Him in my life - and lack of time to just sit and soak in the Word, and the lack of journalling, and lack of doing the things that are feeding my soul with true nourishment.  I was lamenting the lack of routine in my life that INCLUDED the things that satisfied my thirsty soul.  And here I am now, with lots of time on my hands!  (so it is hard to think that this time off is NOT God-ordained!)  I am not saying God did this to me.  NO, I stepped off those steps in my hurry and obliviousness ... but I also believe that nothing happens outside of His knowledge and plan for us.

Yesterday morning was glorious ...
Today began even earlier.  Alvin went out the door at about 6:40 - heading off to work.  Normally I would head back to bed, but instead I began the day with my study by Beth Moore - Stepping Up: A Journey through the Psalms of Ascent (which are Psalm 120 - 134)  Today I had finished (finally) week 2 which was the study of Psalm 124 and was able to watch the video download for session 2.  The video finished off with Travis Cottrell singing.  WOW.

From there, I read a little from the book by Eugene Petersen "A Long Obedience in the Same Direction" which is also on the Psalms of Ascent.  I just read the first chapter but all I can say is another WOW.

Then I went to our church's website.   Last Sunday Alvin went to Eastview Community Church without me.  He thought I should give my leg a rest and NOT try to go.   But he came home saying that Dave Ens had a really great sermon again.  SO I went to and watched online.  And, another WOW.

So here it is - almost 11 and I still have not begun to do the filing that is so badly needed.  (have to try to drag the boxes of stuff to file over to where I am) HOWEVER man alive, have I enjoyed being in the presence of God this morning, and being totally blessed by people who have spoken into my lives through the media.

God, you are so good.  Regardless of how things go in my life - your goodness does not hinge on THAT.  Your goodness is all about my relationship with you and how you love me so much, and long to be my all in all!  I give you thanks and praise for all you have done, for what you are doing, and for all you will do in me, through me, and with me!!  I love you Lord.  

now .... I have some filing to do, gotta run!!  there is "other" work to be done!


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