Tuesday, May 15

entertaining angels unaware

I have come to realize that lately, my life has been flying by.  Simply flying.  Does it always seem like that?  And, why is it, the older I get, the faster it seems to fly.  I have been working less these days.  With some changes in hours - it seems that the staff with more seniority and a bigger number of guaranteed hours, are getting the shifts.  I am averaging about 1-2 shifts a week.  Which is okay (although I will be honest, the income that I make helps a little to pay our bills as we build).  The other day my son Josh said "Mom, when are you going to quit your job.  You realize that soon, Dad is going to "pass the baton" to you and you will have to go running with it."  SO I guess it is in the back of my mind - the end date of my employment.  ANYHOW ... that is not what I was planning to write about.

Life whizzing by.  These days we are getting a little more grand baby time in - and I am loving that.  Our Ev never ceases to amaze me with the things he says, or does.   How can kids be SO much like EACH of their parents!!  I just have to laugh sometimes.  Other times I get this weird deja vu feeling, as something he does takes me back to raising Josh!  SO FUNNY.

Roger, or Rogie as we affectionately call him.  (I am not usually a fan of putting IE on the back of kids names, but this sure suits our little peanut).  We thought that Everett was a good baby ... but Roger absolutely takes the prize.  The other day I helped Leah and it basically went Wake-up (smiling and talking)  Going into his room, once he sees us, he gets a big smile!!  Pick him up - change his diaper, take off his sleep sack.  Leah nurses him.  Then we burp him, and he plays for about an hour.  Then back in his sleep sack and a short cuddle and he is asleep again.  Lay him down in his crib, tuck blanket around his waist and shut door.  The whole day went like this.  What I love is that Leah KNOWS his patterns so distinctly.  And if we follow the few basic guidelines, it works like a charm!  I am so blown away by how well Leah knows the boys.  Babysitting them has always been good, because we have such good detail on what to expect.  Ev used to have a fussy time about 11 pm.  Rogie - well, he goes down at 7:30 pm and sleeps till about 5:30!

Okay ... I got sidelined again.  But I love talking about my grandbabies!! WHICH by the way - I should add, we are excited about our anticipated new arrival - our 4th grand baby - who will be born to Ashley and Michael in November!!  WOOHOO!!  They got to hear the baby's heartbeat last week! So exciting!!  Their little one, and Rogie will be in the same grade at school!  I can already just picture our little ones waiting for the bus at the end of their shared driveway (since they will both be building side by side this year and next year).

SO .... to recap - my life is whizzing by.  YES.
I often have to be reminded of that, because I can get very caught up in the moment, and can very easily get off - balance (much like an old washing machine) and sometimes can get overwhelmed, or sometimes I just get sick.  Which is the point I am at now.  I guess my resistance was down, even though I thought I felt so good - energy level at a new high since I was doing the class at the Wellness Institute and exercising 5 x a week! (and finally shedding some weight!) And then ... I think I picked up my cough from my little Everett AND the last almost week has been awful.  I actually THOUGHT it was over yesterday and today it came back with a vengeance.  (insert SAD FACE here)   I am really hoping I am not contagious any more - because I am watching the boys tomorrow - and that would not be good.  I just need to get rid of this cough.  (Oil of oregano please do your job!!)

The thing that happens with me - when my life gets whizzing a little too quickly - I am afraid that I am missing the fingerprints of God in my life!  Usually I like asking God to make me aware of where He is - and what He is showing me through out my day.  I haven't intentionally asked him that lately.  I am so thankful that He is at work regardless of whether I am too busy or not!! However, today, I had a couple of those moments when God spoke to me through something that I saw.  In fact, God really caught me off guard when I was on my way home.  I drove down Logan, crossed Main Street, and noticed that two people were in the middle of the lanes, one person was down in the middle, and the other guy ~ well I could not really figure out if he was helping her or making the situation worse.  ANYHOW she was down, not flat out, but on her bum, and not getting up very quickly.  I was a few cars back, and was taking this all in - and my thoughts were:  'oh my goodness, she is going to get hit '  'I can't believe that people are going around them as if they aren't there'  'is she hurt or is she drunk?'  'should I call 911? '  'what in the world is he doing? He looks like the drunk one.  Where is he pushing her walker?'

At this point some cars had honked.  Some cars had actually driven around her.  I was getting closer and thinking that maybe I should just park it in the middle of the street and jump out and help her up.'
And just as I got up to where they were, she pulled herself up, and grabbed onto the walker that her buddy had finally corralled and pointed in the right direction, and she walked across to the side from where she came.  That is when I noticed her face.  The sadness.  But most of all, the tears flowing down as she walked.  I waited till she was across, as did the other cars (no one else was honking at this point thankfully) and I drove off and onto the Disraeli .  And then it happened. I wept and wept.

Oh Lord, you love that woman as much as you love me.  Your heart breaks for her and her situation.  Perhaps some times we may refer to such as "the least of these" and try to figure out how to help out ...
but today, I actually think that perhaps I entertained angels unaware.

With that - I am going to sign off of this post.  I know, it rambled all over the place.  But perhaps the ending has given you some food for thought.  Maybe you have also entertained an angel unaware!
Love to hear about it.

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