Wednesday, May 23


sometimes ...
  • I just want life to be "normal" again  (but then I remember I can't remember what normal feels like)
  • I want to be back walking in the "back 40" on Springfield Road
  • I want to be able to finally say "this is my home"  PERIOD
  • I want to build another "altar" ... seems there are a few things I need to celebrate/lay down for HIM
  • I wish I loved being a morning person
  • I wish I never had to work ... and could just while the day away with family, and friends
  • I wish that our building stage would be over
  • I wish that we had never built (I think it is the homelessness affecting me once in a while)  Most times I am so thankful we are building ... how else could we have followed God on this adventure
  • I wish I could follow God without always asking him "WHY God"  "WHEN God"
  • I wish I could take my family away to somewhere remote/exotic/peaceful and stay there for longer than a week
  • I wish that there was no such thing as burn out and stress that seems to manifest itself in many that I know
  • I wish that I could take the time to retreat somewhere for even a couple days ... by myself
  • I wish that I didn't have to color my hair!  (grey is NOT the in thing for this girl YET)
  • I wish that I could win some money!! (NO I don't buy tickets, BUT if I did, and won - I would hire someone to finish everything that needed to be done in the house so that we could move in, I would donate money to Women Refreshed at the Well so that every room was furnished now; I would buy a great espresso machine to make the finest coffees; I would take at least a day at a spa; I would  help some of the missions that do work with the homeless.)  (not necessarily in the right order)
  • I wish I could finally write that book that God has been nudging me to write
  • I wish I could sit down and have coffee with Beth Moore - who continues to inspire and teach me
  • I wish I could cuddle my grandson Jay (actually not just sometimes but ALL the time)
  • I wish I could find a bible teacher to truly "sit at the feet of" and learn
  • I wish I could go to Israel (this is definitely on our bucket list)
  • I wish I didn't have a fear of roller coasters/heights/or water
  • I wish I could play the guitar NOW (did I ever tell you that I got one from my kids for Christmas but I seem to forget the chord I just learned the day after I learned it!
  • I wish I had more faith so that I could live truly all out for Jesus
  • I wish money (or lack of) didn't stop me from doing things I would love to do
  • I wish I could swim, zipline, snorkel, para sail (darn fear!!)
  • I wish I was funnier
  • I wish that I could listen more, and talk less
  • I wish that I didn't procrastinate 
  • I wish that I was 2 inches taller, and 75 lbs lighter without having to work on the pounds thing
  • I wish that I didn't have to re-read things to make it sink in
  • I wish I could sit down by my parents and chat
  • I wonder what I would have been like if I had lived when Jesus lived on earth
  • ....  
Sometimes .....  I hope you get that word.  It is "sometimes" not all the time.  I think we all have things we think of, wish for, wonder about ... sometimes?
I am sure there is so much more - but at least I got all that off my chest!

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Leah said...

You wish you were funnier? I think you're pretty funny. :)