Tuesday, May 1

May 1

May 1st - how does that happen.  That no sooner has the calendar turned over to a new year - and we are already in the fifth month!  Why does it seem that time flies even faster as I get older.  Does everyone experience that?

Today the rain fell, the sun shone, the rain fell again, AND the sun shone until it set in the west!
I went to work.  I went to the gym.  I went to the store.  I came home!
Alvin and I went for a nice long walk along Henderson.  It smelled so wonderful.  We saw some Canadian Geese that were sitting in a field - no doubt on some eggs.  Soon we will see fuzzy little yellow goslings walking across the road.  Almost like they are playing "chicken".

We walked.  We held hands.  We talked.
It felt good to spend time together outside - breathing the spring air.

Then we headed into the house - and I got a first hand look at some of the work that happened today.  And made some mental notes of what was needed for purchase still.
And we sat on some lawn chairs in the newly framed sun room.
Then we came in -
to make phone calls
to do dishes
and now - to just relax for a few moments before bed.

Today was not a blue day.
I am thankful.

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