Friday, May 18

Like my Mother does (missing Mom these days)

 Last Sunday was Mother's Day and I was able to celebrate it with my kids and grandsons.  I am so thankful.  The one thing I did not do though, was to go to the cemetery where my mom is buried beside my dad, at Balsam Bay.  Nor did I go to lay flowers on my mom-in-law's grave site at Glen Eden.  I used to go to Balsam Bay all the time on Mother's Day.  However, even though I did not lay flowers on Mother's Day ... I did think of my Mom and Mom Klassen.  I in fact, had been thinking alot about my mom, as the week before marked 16 years since I last kissed my mom good-bye, as she slipped into the arms of the Almighty.

I will never forget that day, exactly the Sunday before Mother's Day would be celebrated.  As we walked out of the hospital, I will not forget the words my little brother Tim said.  "Mother's Day will never be the same again."

My mom.  If I could sum her up in a short concise manner, it would be this.  She was gentle.  She was loving.  She was one of the greatest prayer warriors in my life.  She was an encourager.  She was there for others, and often put herself last.  Not even often.  Actually ALWAYS put herself last.  She would rather send money to missionaries for a treat for them, instead of buying a new dress for herself.  She had enough.  She was the one who would apologize to the nurses when they could not find her veins!  (go figure).  She had a reputation that went before her, and has lasted after her.  I would often find my mom with her Bible open in front of her, or with her head bowed as she prayed.  My mom was not "flamboyant" in her outward exuberance.  She never honked the horn (guess where I got that from!)
She never yelled.  She often "turned the other cheek" in situations.  She went the extra mile - listened well - encouraged with a note or with a phone call (never ever got into the computer scene!) She loved to lavish the odd gift on us!!  She always bought the CASE of almonds that the kids were selling! (AND EVERYTHING ELSE).

Lately, I would love to call her up and just share our lives with her.  Although her life in heaven - she would not trade in for anything!!  I would love to tell her the stories ... share the ideas ... get her to pray.
I would just love for her to call me "sweetheart" or "honey" one more time.
I have also wondered though, what my legacy will be.  What will I be remembered for.
And it is my prayer that I will also be described in the same way, because let's face it - my mom lived a life that brought honor and glory to God, and that is my prayer for my life too!

Anyhow, shortly after Mother's Day, I heard this beautiful song!  Made me think of my mom ... and made me hope that this is what I have been, at least in part, for my kids.

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ashley marie photography said...

you remind me of granny all the time, especially in the ways that you listed about her in this post.

love you.