Sunday, November 4

24 things to celebrate about Michael

Ev is sitting close to Uncle Mikey during present opening

Josh lighting the 24 candles that Ev helped put on the cake

the torch is lit!!

and then he gets to blow out the candles!!

Sometimes I am "a day late and a dollar short" as the saying goes.  For sure this time, I AM a day late.  However, that does not mean that I don't have 24 things about our Michael.  And, actually, I just realized - we celebrated 1 day early!!  SO that means today is his REAL birthday and I .... I AM ON TIME!!!  (SMILE)

Happy Birthday Michael - our "son" whom we love more and more as time goes by!  We have celebrated 6 birthdays with you now!  And, like I have done for the past year - I have written as many things about the "birthday boy/girl" as their celebrated years.  So today - I want to share 24 things about our Michael.

 1)  I actually watched Michael grow up a little.  The first time I met him "formally" where I was introduced, was when I was over visiting with his mom Jeannette (whom we affectionately call JT)
and Michael was cozied up in his bed already.   I believe it was the summer of 2002.  He was so polite!!

 2)  I remember the first day that Michael came out to the farm.  It was the same day that Ashley had confided in me that they "liked" one another.

 3)  Michael was born in Africa.  His parents were missionaries in Burkina Faso.  From what I have gathered - Michael was a great gift to his Mom and Dad.  AND STILL IS.  The African rythmn is deep within his being!!  He hears the music - and he drums to the beat!!

 4)  One of the favorite pictures that I remember seeing, is of Michael - as he played in a mud puddle.  He was curious then.  Still curious now, although doesn't play in mud puddles!!

5)  Michael is the best drummer that I know, and have heard.  Just yesterday he said he wondered how he was going to be able to play when the baby was born.  To which Ashley assured him that there would be times when the baby wasn't sleeping - and he could beat on those drums.

 6)  In his last drum concert (first and only one I went to) Michael played along with his drum teacher, to the song WIPE OUT!  I was so proud of him!

 7)  Currently Michael uses his gifts and talents to drum in two bands, as well as two worship teams, one at their old church (McIvor M.B.) and one at their new church (Kilcona Alliance).  He LOVES to play!

 8) Michael helped out on two mission trips - one with Calvin Christian School and the other with McIvor Ave. M.B. youth group.  Both times the mission trips were to Mexico

 9)  Michael graduated from Calvin Christian School.

10)  Michael LOVES cars!!  Need I say more?

11)  The first car that Michael fixed up was an older stationwagon.  It really was his pride and joy I think.

12)  Michael has had the same two best friends for a very very LONG time.  Even though they don't see each other alot - they are always there for him!  Michael is a faithful friend.

13)  Michael is very easy going and laid back.  Hard to find a more gentler person!

14)  Michael came out to the farm and Alvin and he "worked" on his car together, but we had been given the heads up that at some point soon Michael would likely ask for Ashley's hand in marriage.  We had gotten the heads up from Josh, who strongly encouraged Alvin to go easy on Michael.

15)  Michael is very gracious.  I had to eat humble pie when, the first meal I made for Michael was not fully cooked yet.  And he still ate it.  It was lasagna.  I was cooking it when I found out he had to go back to the city early.  So, yep, the lasagna noodles were still not fully cooked.  Not CRUNCHY but well, still had a bite to them!

16)  Michael proposed to Ashley in Cuba.  We were going as a family - and well - we decided to take Michael along.  Originally I think he was going to propose at the end so as not to "take away" from our family vacation.  However - we encouraged him to propose right off the start so that he could relax.

17) Michael and I had our first mom/son coffee and chat in March 2008.  I just had to find out a little more about what made this guy tick in relation to my daughter!!  It was a good coffee date!

18)  Michael LOVES to build.  He is a young "BOB the builder" as Everett would sing the song!  He was a framer before he got married.  Lately he has worked for Blue Jay Family Works (our business) and has not only framed - but has learned many many more tricks to the trade!  We are thankful for his help - especially with our build.

19)  Michael LOVES family.  And we LOVE HIM!!

20)  Michael also loves cats!!  He and Ashley own 2.

21)  In our family we affectionately call Michael  -  "Mikey".  That shortened version of his name I believe started when we were away in Cuba.  Ev always calls Michael - "Uncle Mikey".

22)  I always tease Michael that I am going to give him a mother/son kiss on the lips!  (yes, some of us have been known to be lip-kissers).  So last night - when I was leaving from Josh and Leah's I had my hands full and told the kids they were all getting kisses!!  So Michael warmed up to that idea and actually kissed me too!!  NO not lip kisses but still!!

23)  Michael is going to be a great dad!!  He is just waiting to hold this little one that is coming SOON.
I know that there are some anxieties - after all who is totally prepared to being a dad??  But he will be a good one.  Everett thinks he is such a great Uncle - I can see this when he asks if Uncle Mikey is coming and when he likes to just be with Uncle Mikey for a book - or to play with toys.

24)  Michael is a younger brother to his brother Donovan and his sister Phoebe.  He is now a younger brother to Josh and Leah.  HOWEVER a younger brother could not be more loving or more LOVED.  He is a gift to our family!

Michael dear Son, you are a gift to us - to Ashley first - and to us as a family.  You seem to accept our quirks - and just love us.  You have learned, or should I say ARE LEARNING to work alongside of your Father in law - which is not always an easy task!!  You are so willing to help me out too!!  We prayed for you before you knew it - and we thank God for you.  On this - your special day - your birthday - we just want to tell you that!!

Happy Birthday dear one.  
Happy Birthday.
This "mom" loves you!!

Mom K

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