Monday, November 5

intrigue & curiosity surround the story!

intrigue and curiosity

Whenever Alvin and I go to Pineridge Hollow, or Sunnyside or even when I go to get my hair cut in Anola - we usually go past this house.   The other day - I decided to take a picture.  I am not sure WHY it intrigues me so much - but it does.  It is an unfinished, boarded up, abandoned house.  A house that was going to be some one's home - but it never got finished by the looks of it.

It intrigues me.  Actually it intrigues me a lot!  I can't help but wonder WHY it did not get finished.  Or why it was never lived in OR if it was lived in - has not been for a while.  We had some friends who once began a house - and it was planned way bigger and more expensive than they ever anticipated.  They trudged on - and used up their money - and the bank would not advance them more until certain things were done - and they just kept getting more and more over their heads.  Alvin had done some work for them right at the beginning - and he was pretty nervous FOR them.  They didn't seem to even see the "writing on the wall".  Oblivious it seemed.  Unfortunately, they ended up not finishing - and selling - and divorcing.  A sad story.

I guess I look at this house - and wonder if it was someone who was building, and their spouse died.  Or perhaps they ran out of money and just walked away from it all.  Or maybe they ended up divorcing and instead of paying out one half - they just refused and no one got the unfinished house.  You can see how my mind wonders about the story of this place.

Over the last couple months, it has started to go downhill more and more quickly.  The deck is falling down off the front.  Someone has cut the grass in front - I am thinking perhaps because if someone ever dropped a match, or there was a lightning strike - the long grass would have burned quickly toward the house.

On either side of this place - there are homes.  Sometimes I think that if I saw someone walking on the road, I would stop and ask them.  I would ask them about the "story" ...
Does that make me nosy?  Or just plain curious?  Not sure - either/or/both!

As I drove past it - I realize that we all have a story - and perhaps parts or all of our stories cause intrigue for another person.  I realize that we all have a story - and what we see/or others see is part of an even bigger story - that God knows - start to finish.

I have a story.
A story about how I - a sinner saved by grace - fell in love with the true lover of my soul - Jesus Christ.
It is a story about amazing grace - as there was nothing I could ever do - to earn my way into heaven.
Except allowing Jesus to become Lord of my life - and walking in a relationship with him.

It is a story about an ordinary woman - whom God has called and equipped for his purposes.
A story about a woman who is a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a friend, a co-worker, and ex-pastor, an ex daycare founder/director, and currently a vision caster and ministry starter.

I often want to write my story - which is full of God moments along a journey that has taken me from the highest highs of joy ~  to the deepest darkest lows of grief.  A story about hearing the voice of God!  And of enjoying the times that he has spoken into my life!

We all have a story - that is just how God made us.  One day, I am going to write my story.
So that my kids, and grandkids, and great grandchildren can find out a little bit about me - and my relationship with the Almighty!  That in itself is a story all of its own.

One day I will write it.
It may not go public
perhaps just written on a laptop and stored away.
But whether it is published or not - doesn't diminish the fact that we all have one.

hey - if you live close to either Elmhurst or Pineridge Golf Courses and know the story - I would love to hear it.

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