Tuesday, November 6

really, do I have to write another cheque?

We have been in the house now, for over a month.  It is feeling more and more like "home" but I have to admit that there was something hard about moving in.  That really sounds dumb I know.  But hey, this is my blog - and that is what I feel!! LOL.  I have been trying to figure that out, and well - I think there was something quite safe in staying in the loft.  Even though it had been the third place we had called "home" in the 2 years.  I had actually become quite comfortable living with just a few things.  I had actually come to enjoy the simplicity of loft living!  I also did not want to move into our house until it was totally finished.  But I gave in.  You know, it was just easier on Alvin if we moved in, and then he could putter around the house - working on things, and the funny thing is - he LOVES to know I am home and around.  I guess that is just about being married and comfortable with one another - even just knowing the other is home.

So, we have been finishing stuff.  I told one person that sometimes the "TO FINISH" list seems longer than the "TO BUILD" list did!  I will say that we are not great on the finishing part.  It just feels like it is taking forever - and well - maybe to others, it has taken forever, but that is our story.  Who knows how long Noah took anyhow?

We are now furnishing things.  That is fun - but then again - it is time consuming, as I investigate everything thoroughly on the internet first - and then purchase and order it either to go to Pembina, N.D. or to our place on Henderson.  Jan from Pineridge Hollow has been such a wonderful help in furniture selection for the retreat portion of the house.  (Our furniture from Anola has all gone into our private suite in the lower level).

Thing is - these are MAJOR decisions to be made by a woman who was not used to makeing such major and costly decisions. WHAT DOES A COUNTRY MOUSE KNOW ABOUT FURNITURE!!  And, with every decision, there has to be a credit card, and eventually a bill payment has to be made.  We are furnishing way more rooms than I have ever in my life had to furnish all at once.  While it is fun picking colors/fabrics, etc - it is nerve wracking.  (Not good when you find out that the chair you picked does NOT fit into the space it needs to fit into!)

I have now finished working, except for the odd casual shift.  I am not even sure how long I will do that even.  I loved working because it helped out financially.  Let's face it - we are NOT made out of money - and well, who wants a huge line of credit to pay off?  Sometimes, this has added some stress.  Okay sometimes it has added a LOT of stress.  Financial stress is never good is it?

Today I popped 3 cheques in the mail - and on Sunday I dropped another one off.   I still stress over them.  I still drop them in the mail with some fear and trembling!  I would love to NOT have to write another cheque - seriously.

Soon we will be done furnishing.  (I can hardly wait, as the cheque book is coming to its last!)
Soon we will be ready to do some test runs.
Soon we will be ready to take our first paying retreater!
Honestly, it will be nice to bring in some income finally and to be mailing out less payments.  We are a non-profit registered organization - but the bottom line is, we still have to cover our expenses, so the daily rates have to do that.

As I was checking out the color of a duvet cover that was delivered today (and unfortunatley will have to be returned) and I was thinking of the choices we have been making.  (we are really having some trouble with SPRING!)  And I was reminded again of the prophetic word that was recently spoken to me.   It said nothing about the cheques I was one after anohter after another HOWEVER it did encourage me in the furnshing the rooms, and the special details.  God is in the details!  (see post, October 31 @ www.womenrefreshed.com for the complete "word" )

Really, it is fun.  But we are tired.  It has taken up every waking thought - and often the sleeping ones too.  We just really want to get it done - and get going - so that we can settle into a more normal pattern of daily living.  But then again, what is normal anyhow?  I hope that normal means I am not going to be writing any more big cheques but I also hope that we continue to live fully in each moment! Actually, "normal" may equal "status quo" living, and well, I don't ever want to just live status quo - so I am eager to live outwardly and see what Jesus is going to do with all this, and with us!

Sorry, I realize that this likely makes no sense other than some ramblings from a tired woman married to an ever more worn out man! (and dreaming of a nice holiday in the new year, Lord Willing)  It may sound like I am whining ... and really, I don't mean to.  I just feel like this is a "sigh" or two!

The thing is - God continues to give joy, and strength and courage at times when we need it AND he is also laying this vision of His on the hearts of others. And THAT my friend - is pretty exciting - and stirs up these weary bones!!

Night!  (and hey, if you are the praying kind, I would love it for you to keep us in your prayers.  God calls us to things and he does equip us for the journey.  We feel His leading and guiding, but right now we ARE just feeling like it has been a LONG time.  So we covet your prayers for joy and energy and strength and grace for each day!!  God is good!)

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