Wednesday, May 21

A belated birthday post, for a daughter who is a gift from God

I am blessed.
Simply yet profoundly blessed.
I have two daughters.
Both gifts from God.
One through birth.
One through marriage to my son.
Today, I want to write this birthday post (although belated) 
to the daughter who is a gift from God
through marriage to my boy

Happy Birthday to my daughter Leah!!
your day was on Monday, but today, I celebrate YOU

How my heart overflows with praise, and thankfulness for you.
As we have just celebrated your birthday again this year
I look back and see the many years you have been in my life…
first as my son's girlfriend
then his fiancé
and now his wife

You are my daughter
And I thank God for you.

I watch how you live your life
with intentionality
with determination
with great love 
with grace

I have watched you, but I have also learned from you
about loving God
about loving your husband
about loving your children
no matter how hard, or how easy
no matter how complicated or simple
no matter whether the day was grey or sunny
You my daughter, have loved well, and continue to do so

I have watched you and learned about living simply
you don't seem to want much
you seem content
you are happy with the simple yet beautiful and eloquent in its simplicity
I love that, and have learned from you

I have watched how you love-on your siblings (on both sides)
I have watched how you love-on your friends (of whom there are many)
I have watched how you carefully decide where your energies will be used
within those relationships, within the relationships at church as well
You seem to know how to guard your time, so that it is used for God's best intent for you

You listen
You learn
You research
You make decisions
HOWEVER you have also taught me that sometimes a decision made
has to be changed for a better decision
I see how you parent your boys. 
with grace and mercy
and with unconditional love
Hard work sometimes, but you are thankful for the energy and strength and grace God gives you

You my dear daughter, have taught this Mom a lot
I have spent many hours with you talking
in silence
in togetherness
just you and I
but often you and all of us
I love going on outings with the kids
as well as spending times after a good meal together, just talking
(after the kids are in bed)

You have taught me a lot, as I said
and I know I will learn more from you.

I see your strengths and your weaknesses
I also see how you know them as well - 
And you are not a quitter
I love that.  
That in itself, has taught me a lot about persevering under tough times
and how it is so worth it.
I love your laughter - your sense of humour
I love watching you and Ashley together - as sisters
I remember that in those early days, it was so important that Ashley also connected with you
As she only wanted the best for her brother.
And you are the best.
Together you make an amazing whole.
Together you compliment one another
However first, you are individually strong, gifted and multi talented
Amazing how God uses you individually and together.

So my sweet daughter
better late than never - today I say
~ Happy Birthday Leah ~ 
You are loved greatly - more today than all those years ago
However our love will only keep growing.
It is my prayer for you, that this year brings many many blessings,
Many new and exciting things
Many "aha" moments
as you live life fully for God, with Josh, and with that gang of boys you have.
(who we love so much I might add!)

Happy Birthday dear One 
You are greatly loved 
and greatly cherished Leah!
I look forward to this year ahead
and all the others too!

Mom K

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