Wednesday, May 14

Healing is complete

Ben's fight is done here on earth.  He is in Heaven - and I just have wondered if Ben has met our Jay yet.  I can't imagine how many children are in heaven.  Sometimes the thoughts are overwhelming.   When I read the newspaper article that was posted today, I sat in the parking lot and wept as I prayed for strength for Mindy, Andy and their kids.  I can't imagine their sadness … and pain of loss.  I just can't imagine losing a five year old.

Last night I went to our prayer meeting at Eastview again.  We meet on Tuesdays, and begin with some teaching on prayer, and then we began to pray.  Well, I should say that the others prayed last night.  I was not able to … it had been a really emotional day, and I was struggling.  I just could not accept easily that God was choosing not to heal Ben on this side of Heaven!!  I hard really felt that He was going to.  Well He did!!  But not the way I was praying.

We began to pray, and Kelly was praying for Ben I figure, right at the same time God was preparing to take Ben.  When I saw his mom's post about Ben breathing his last here and going to be with Jesus about 8:05 pm, I just could not help but think of how our prayers were being spoken on their behalf.
And, well - Ben is healed - completely healed.

You have to read Mindy's post, if you haven't already.
It is so beautiful.  She has given us permission to enter into their lives through her writing.  I for one thank God for the privilege of being able to pray for Ben, and for them all.  And, I will continue to do that.

And, I will imagine that Ben and Jay at some time, will meet, and run together.  I am not sure how that all works in heaven - as I know there are many many people there.  But I get delight in thinking that they will meet, and play together.  One day, we will all be united again … what a day that will be - for many reasons.  Till then, I will continue to live life here - and to intercede for others as God gives me strength.  In the meantime Ben knows that Heaven IS for real!!  Absent from the body, and present with our Lord!!  Ben's healing is complete.

Lord, please be their strength now … carry them, dry their tears, wrap your arms around them.  Amen.

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