Friday, June 5

Care about people ~ Care about truth ~ Cut the crap!

Yesterday, I sat beside my mom-in-law's bedside for a few hours - and while she slept, I looked over a magazine she had there, I think it was called "Good Times" or something like that. It was from the hospital, and focused on seniors. Anyhow, as I read through it, I read an article, and in it someone quoted this woman (sorry, I didn't copy down her name) and said that this was what she stood by - the quote at the top as title - Care about people ~ care about truth ~ cut the crap.
I know the last word is a little crass, but really, not sure what other word to use that doesn't become even more offensive. Anyhow, back to those thoughts....

I have said over and over in the past year - you just have to care about people. In fact, err on the side of caring! I don't think that needs any explanation.

Care about the truth! That really doesn't need explaning either! You can never go wrong with the truth. Oh, ouch - maybe you can - if the truth spoken upsets someone, or causes a break in a friendship, or makes someone feel hurt. I guess the thing is, the truth needs to be spoken in love, there are times when that will make the truth easier to take. However, sometimes what you see as the truth is twisted and thrown back at you. This was my experience this week - when I realized that sharing how I felt (even though I was asked to share my journey) didn't fall on ears that really wanted to hear. Thing is, it was real to me - but included some hard things that we experienced and felt. I also realize that what I say is my perception, and the ears that my words fall on then process it through their own filter of what they perceive. Okay, I think I have lost myself with this, let alone you who are reading this blog. The bottom line is - something happened this week and while I read the email I wept. I have realized that the journey of grief is a hard one, and it has affected relationships that I had treasured and cherished. I have seen where there are times that we act like we care about the truth, but we have to decide if sharing is worth it. Hmmm. Care about the truth!

Cut the crap! My husband has the gift of discernment. It is a hard gift to have - as there are times when we meet someone/sit with someone/listen to someone and when we leave Alvin shares something - a sense, feeling, understanding. More often than nought, it proves true. I think we have all been with people, or sat through meetings when you just want to yell, "cut the crap" and just get to the point! Or stop making something sound bigger than it is... or just do it instead of debating it to death. You know, living on a farm - there is something about the smell that comes from cow manure - you just don't get a way from it easily - especially on a hot day. No matter how you may want to disguise it - it is still manure. Sometimes we want to water things down, or make it appear different - like the days when Alvin would spread the pile out, it was usually those days when the big smell would waft into the yard again. And into our neighbor's yeards. It was no longer a big pile, but it still smelled the same! Cut the crap! Care about truth....
Speak the truth in love because you care about people.

Not sure where I am going - besides letting the thoughts of a now 51 year old woman ramble through my head and fall out onto this blog!
I loved the article I read yesterday - and the quote. Short and sweet - again Care about people (perhaps it means listening ~ truly listening) Care about truth (spoke with love - there is no other way) And well, cut the crap!
What is really important - people and truth - that stands!! Enough said.

Today is my birthday. I was born at dawn. I am 51. My year last year I thought would look much different than it did, but I have great hope for this year. I have changed - and perhaps the next leg of my life will look different than the first leg. Today is my birthday - I am not sure what all it will hold - my kids have something in store for me and time will tell. Today is my birthday. I am a different person than I was this time last year. God knows all about my year ahead, just as he knew about my year in the past! Lord, what will it hold - give me energy, give me strength, give us joy! O Lord, give us joy.


Jean said...

A special verse for your birthday.

"Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that the Lord he is God in heaven above, and upon the earth beneath there is none else." Duet. 4:39

Happy Birthday.

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