Monday, June 15

First Week Goals - and life in general

Contrary to the time that the blog says I am writing - it is always "off" for some reason - it is almost 11:30 and I should be in bed. Have a little bit of a problem though - I just finished exercising about half hour ago, and now have to "wind down" - I hate when that happens, and normally I have decided NOT to exercise before bed, but I had to get my "quota" in to meet my first week goal!

Last week - I bit the bullet and decided to jump back "on the wagon" and get eating properly. I sometimes wonder if I will ever shed the pounds that keep hanging on - seems my whole life has held many tries at losing weight. I have a friend who always used to tell me to "accept myself as I was" to which I would usually reply "I JUST CAN'T" I don't feel good carrying around the 50+ extra pounds - I put myself at increased risk of all the things in our family history (breast cancer, heart, diabetes). Like that shouldn't be enough motivation!!

Anyhow, last week I decided to "design my own plan" by taking the Weight Watchers point plan and adding the decision to eliminate white flour. I have decided a few more goals which you will also know once I finish this blog posting!

My goals
- only weigh once a week - on Tuesdays
- increase water intake
- quit drinking soft drinks ESPECIALLY DIET DRINKS - only Club Soda allowed. Somehow I just need the fizz once in a while!
- exercise more - CURVES circuit - will try for 3-5x per week; exercise DVD at home - 5-7x per week.
- "track" my food intake
- get walking more

Weight goals
Would like to lose 20-25 lbs in 12 weeks - can I do it?

First week review:
So on the "eve" of my first weigh in - I am pumped. I had a couple hard days at the beginning - I think I was coming off of a sugar withdrawal! I know, I think I have some addictive tendencies - no matter how we don't want to agree with food being an addiction - I think it is.

I have tracked my food intake - and kept within the allowed points per day

I have not had any soft drinks except for some club soda

I have not had white flour!

I have gone to CURVES 3 times - which is the minimum

I have done the exercise DVD at home - 5x including tomorrow morning.

I have not weighed - will do that tomorrow.

I realize this is going to be for a long haul - like FOREVER!
I am really really tired of this burden - lately especially, God seems to be talking to me about the weight I have put on the "temple" of the Holy Spirit.
So - I need to keep giving this to God - HE IS MY STENGTH!
I think the thing I love the most - is the "clarity" of mind that I get when I am eating right and excising (okay, I usually have a grumpy first day!)
Alvin is my cheerleader - so are my kids.
I want to be able to dance with all my grandchildren - to run and play and to be healthy and strong! God is my strength - the journey is a hard one - but I can do it with HIM.


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good work, cheering for you!

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