Monday, May 17

76 sleeps and counting down

We have shared quite a few cups of coffee, and hours of laughter around this table. If these walls could talk - I hope they would talk about the love and laughter, about the family and friends, about the wonderful times shared in this dining room, and in this home, and on this land. August 1st - another family will begin making memories in our home.

It was yesterday morning, after a walk in the back forty, Alvin and I decided that perhaps we would take a drive to the land on Henderson. We had gone to church on Saturday night, so we had the morning off. Alvin told me that about half hour prior, there was a van that slowed down and stopped in front of our house. Hmm, someone perhaps taking down the number for David, our agent. Or, perhaps someone just looking to see what our house/yard looked like. We have seen cars stop before and figure that is the reason.

Quickly I threw a few snacks together, and decided to do a quick tidy up before I left. Alvin was waiting to go, and said that "it is almost noon, I doubt that anyone will be coming today."

Something in my gut just said that perhaps Alvin was wrong on this one... but I instead grabbed my things and we left. It wasn't that the house was unruly - but there were a few things on the counter, and shoes laying around at the back door.

We were about a mile away when Alvin's cell rang. He recognized the "ring tone" and said, "oh, it's Dave" (David Unruh with Rischuk Park Realty). I realized just from the side of the conversation I heard, that someone wanted to come and look at our house, and within minutes we were turning around. It was 11:35 and someone wanted to come with their agent at noon.

We got home, tidied up the few things, lit a campfire and pulled up our lawn chairs to wait. We do not hang around in the house during the showing, but have found it to be helpful to be there in case there are questions about the house/yard (which there always are).

Connie the agent came first. Then the family. Mom and Dad with their 2 kids, (5 and 2) and mom's Mom and Dad. Thus began the showing. Dad came out and asked Alvin a few things, and before I knew it - they were walking in the back forty. The agent and I chatted for a while. She said she loved our house. I shared with her that everything in the yard was made by my husband.
Then it was kind of funny - Connie realized that she had to leave - she had a 1 pm showing and was late. She had been out all morning with the family, and then had gone home only to be called again by them, asking if she could arrange for our house to be seen at noon. So, she slipped them in, thinking an hour would be sufficient and she could go to her next appointment. So, she was feeling quite bad, but asked if we were sure it was okay for her to leave the people with us. No problem we told her.

About ten minutes later, the Grandma mentioned that she had to be back in the city too - and so the family came back to the yard, asked a couple questions more, and left.

Alvin and I proceeded out to the land for the afternoon, and then got a quick visit in with Everett and Leah (Josh went to work) and then moseyed on home for another campfire, while David was showing the house again. Just prior to that, Connie pulled up on the yard, and handed David an offer from the young family. WOW. We were shocked. Obviously they thought it would be as good a place to raise their kids, as we thought it was for our kids.

Well - the showing came and went - and we looked at the offer, which David had told them we would peruse after the showing. It was a very good offer. (During the week, someone had given us an offer that was $75,000 under asking price - which we considered RUDE and David and Alvin just decided that over the phone). But last night's offer was in the end, only $7,500 less than asking, and the only thing they wanted left was the riding mower. We signed and David left with the envelope to call them, and deliver.
Hmm, how did our hearts feel. Alvin commented that he thought he would know what it would feel like, but when it came down to it - it was a combination. Great excitement at how God provided this family out of nowhere! Great thankfulness at His provision. At the same time, and I really felt it this morning - there is sadness. This is no longer our home so to speak. As of August 1st - another family will live within these walls. Other children will run, and laugh, and cry within these walls. Other people will walk the back forty. Other people will eat in the dining room, and welcome new people at the front door, and park their vehicles in the garage.

It is a strange thing ... and just reading the replies to my facebook status today - actually made me cry.
Don't get me wrong. We are so excited about this. It is exactly what we have been praying for. Without this sale - we could not do what we believe God is calling us to ... the next stage of life. We are overwhelmed by how many of YOU prayed for our home to sell. Thank you so much.

However - it is bittersweet. Afterall, this is where our kids were raised. Josh was a year old when Alvin started building the house. This is the place Ashley came home to when we brought her home from the hospital. This is where friends have come for birthdays, and anniversaries, and parties. This is where family has assembled for Christmas after Christmas after Christmas. Many people have stayed here with us - within these walls as their homes were being built: Mary-Ann and Nelson stayed with us as they built their house next door in 1984. Mom and Dad Klassen stayed with us from June till September of 1997 while their house was being built. Josh and Leah stayed with us from June till October of 2006 while their barn and loft was being built for them to move into until they built their house. If these walls could talk!

As I have walked in the back - I have also "blessed" the land many many times...

I have stood at the altar and prayed. (hmm, wonder what they will think when they see that?)

I have walked and wept, walked and prayer, walked and sang, walked and just thought...

I have asked God to bless the land, and that whomever He sends in His time, that they would have a strong sense of the presence of God in this place and on this acreage. I will keep walking over the next 2.5 months, and continue to ask God for blessing on this family. It is kind of neat - now I have faces to put to the requests.

We have sold our house. SOLD. Unexpected van of people ~ unexpected timing ~ unexpected showing on a beautiful sunny Sunday. Unexpected offer after a quick visit. But then again, with God - nothing is unexpected. God KNEW that He would provide a buyer - in HIS time...

And, HE DID. Thank you Lord for this family, for the offer, for the sale, and for the future YOU hold in your hand.
I just counted.... 76! 76 more sleeps till this is no longer our place of residence. Between now and then - we have to make those 76 days a time of living ~ and a time of celebration! Hm, sounds like a party is in store!! And this family LOVES a party! Guess we should pick a date!

Thank you Lord!!

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