Saturday, May 8

Celebrating Mother's Day

All because two people fell in love...
this picture was taken in fall of Grade 12, 1975
and at this point we were 17 and had been dating for almost a year!
my man, and my kids
Alvin, Leah, Josh, Ashley and Michael
taken October 2008
(my firstborn) Joshua Gerald & Leah Michelle

(my "baby") Ashley Marie & Michael John Thiessen

My 2nd Grandson Everett John Klassen

My 1st Born Grandson Jay Benjamin Klassen

It is Mother's Day 2010. The clock actually just turned past midnight - but later today, about noon, Alvin and I will get together with our kids and little Everett - and spend brunch together. Today we celebrate Mom's, Grandma's, Special Women in our life. My day will be a day of celebration as I get together with my kids and grandson and of course my man. Have to thank God for him too - as the reality is, if God had not brought Alvin into my life - I would not have my kids, nor my kids through marriage, and would not have my grandsons either! Funny how that all works hey! As the saying goes, "It's all because two people fell in love!"

It is also a chance to celebrate moms in our lives. My mom, who is with the Lord, passed away 14 years ago - on a Sunday - a week before Mother's Day 1996. I miss my mom.

I have a chance to celebrate my mom-in-law, and we are amazed at how she has rebounded from her close call with death this time last year. Obviously God was not done with her here on earth yet. I thank God for her (Olga Klassen) and for all she has been to me!

It would not be a Mother's Day - however, if it were not for the gift of my kids! Joshua my first born ~ Ashley my baby! Leah who fell in love with Josh ~ and Michael, who fell in love with Ashley. I could go on and on about my four kids - needless to say, they are the loves of my life - and such gifts that words can not express what they mean to me, and how much I love them! It doesn't matter that some of "married in" ~ they are answers to the prayers I prayed on behalf of my kids when they were too young to pray for spouses themselves! I am a blessed mom!

And then, I celebrate Mom's day as a Granny! I am thankful for the grandsons that have made me a granny! Jay Benjamin and Everett John. All that I imagined "grandmother-hood" would be - has still blown me away... never did I imagine just how much I would love these little guys, and how big a granny's heart can grow!

I love being a wife...

I love being a mom...

I love being a granny!
(because it is in this role that I get to see my kids parenting,
and man, that brings joy to my heart!)

Today I am thankful for all that God has given me in the gifts of my family.

Today, I am thankful ~ more than words can say ~ so very very thankful.
Ashley and Michael
Josh and Leah, Jay and Everett

I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
(always wondered why he put the word like here - when it should be love!)
As long as I'm living
My babies (and grandbabies) you'll be!!

- Robert Munsch (book: I'll Love You Forever)
On this Sunday, May 9th, 2010 I want to formally say "thank you for being my kids, and for loving me as your mom! Thank you for the joy you have brought into my life! For the laughter, for the good conversation, for the challenging talks. Thank you for the way you allow me to pour into your lives and you into mine. You have made me into the mom that I am today. Not perfect by any means, but certainly a mom who is so blessed, and could not love her kids and grandchildren any more than I do... well no, that love will grow with each new day - more and more
more and more
more and more
On this Mother's Day, I say thanks, and I love you so much!
And sweetheart - Alvin... thank you for loving me.
I love you too,
more than you know.

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ashley marie photography said...

thank YOU for being my mom :)

i think he puts "i'll like you for always" because most people love their families, but not all of them also LIKE them, as friends & companions. but mom, I LOVE you, and I also really LIKE you! <3