Tuesday, January 17

Welcome to the World Little One: Roger Thomas Klassen

Announcing the arrival of our precious 3rd Grandson:  
Roger Thomas Klassen

What can I say ... Poppa is as proud as punch of this little bundle!

Auntie is pretty happy too!

He has the sweetest little face!

God has blessed Josh and Leah with 3 boys:  
Jay Benjamin who is in Heaven
Everett John who just turned 2 and 
Little Roger Thomas - born today!

I love this picture ... with Roger in the forefront and 
Leah watching from the back!

Just one more of Poppa and Roger
I was there too - just didn't get any pics of me and Roger on my camera!
We will have to remedy that one tomorrow!

To our sweet little Grandson Roger Thomas

Sweet boy
how our hearts overflow with joy
and again
and today again!
we have waited for you little one
we have dreamed
we have imagined
we have prayed
and prayed
and prayed

Sweet One
we waited to hear of your birth
and then delighted when we got to hold you for the first time'
and view your little face
your little rosebud lips
your sweet little shoulders
your little ears
your fingers and toes
your belly button
you are fearfully and wonderfully made
thank you Lord for our little Sweet One

You have made our joy overflow
And we can only imagine the fun you and your big brother will have
We imagine the sight of you two
walking arm in arm
helping Mommy and Daddy
or even riding over to Poppa and Granny's

Sweet One
You are not yet a day old
And we don't want to miss a moment
but instead to savour it all
to take the things we see
the things we hear
the things we imagine
the things we pray about
the things that make YOU the special little guy that you are
we will take those things
store them away
treasure them in our hearts
and enjoy each moment of each day
watching you grow

We love you little One
You and your brothers have brought us much joy
We promise that we will be here for you
to pray
to hold
to love 
to hug
to kiss
to listen
to wipe tears
and bandage booboos if needed
We are your Granny and Poppa
and we love you so much.
Welcome to the World Sweet Roger Thomas Klassen
We are so glad
that you
have arrived

Granny & Poppa

(we love you to the moon and back!)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations granny! So happy for you. I kept checking throughout the day to see if anyone posted or blogged about the little. Had to wait till after school when Shauna told me.

How exciting to have another little one to love, cherish and hold.


Unknown said...

CONGRATS to all the Klassen, Hayes family. We are SO happy for the joy of a new grandson/son/nephew in your lives. I KNOW HE WILL BE LOVED UPON A ZILLION TIMES!!!!!! God Bless, John, Dorothy, Jeff and Ian Wiens. Love ya!!!

ashleymarie said...

I will make sure to get some pictures of you & Roger in the near future!! :)