Thursday, January 5

Reflecting back to Sunday's Sermon: Seizing God's Moment for You

I am a note taker.  Always have been - likely always will be.  Taking notes helps me to focus.  It also helps me to remember.  And, it is something that helps me to reflect!  Last Sunday, as I listened to Delbert's sermon, it was no different.  I took notes.

Of course, being January 1st had something to do with my "reflection" backwards.  I don't think I am at all unlike most of the population that looks back in order to help look ahead.  We all know that January does bring new chances, new starts (just posted about that on my other blog )  There is just something special about a fresh start don't you think?

Delbert talked about looking at our past year and asking "what moment last year was a transcendental moment in my life?"  and "What if you entrusted your life completely to God?"

He said "too often we just want God to "tickle" us and then we walk away with nothing changed."
hmmmm..... yes.   He invited us to "seize the diving moment" and said that "most important moments rarely come at the most opportune time!"  (oh so true)
He talked about how God has given us the opportunity to make choices.  To choose.  And then suggested that there may be three markers in making choices:
1)  Choose to live and "other-centered" life.  In Jeremiah 29:4-7 it talks about doing some things very intentionally!  He talked about how sometimes we may have some fear but asked "Can God choose your greatest fear or weakness to be an opening to your greatest moment?"

2) Choose to live as a "broken" person.  1 Peter 5:6     He then talked about UNbroken people vs Broken People.  Oh, I know a bit about being a broken person.  (I actually have this button on my coat.  see pic)

a little blurry, but you can see it here

3) Choose to pray.  Jer 29:7

I can choose.  God gave me the free will to make choices!  Oh Lord, today and all the tomorrows of this year, help me to make the best choices that will reflect YOU and bring you praise, honor and glory!

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