Thursday, January 19

Wednesday with Everett and Roger

Today was a full day ~ start to finish.  We spent the day with our 2 year old Sweetness ~ Everett.  There were so many things about today that makes me smile! Like for instance, the way he runs to the door, saying "Granny!  Poppa!"  There is just pure joy written all over his face!  I am sure that he also greets his Grandma and Grandpa this way too!  Absolutely heartwarming for any grandparent!

Everett quickly spied the watermelon that I had brought for him in a clear cup!  "Melon?" he asked.  "Yes, I brought it for you!"  He quickly ate it up!

We played upstairs for a while.  He has a little kitchen, and gave Poppa and I "sausages" to eat.  (We all pretended to eat the same ones).  Then we went downstairs to play with the farm.  Out of all the gifts we have chosen for him, I think the farm is the most played with toy.  It is so much fun watching him play.  And talking as he plays.  When I was in daycare, I remember observing the different children and the stages of play that developed as they grew.  Our Everett never ceases to amaze me!  He just loves life! I am glad that he is still so small and doesn't yet know how hard life can be at times. Right now, the hardest thing is when he is done his "One Show" and can't watch another show on tv.  Or when we are done the book and now it is time for bedtime!

He was pretty excited yesterday.  Of course that makes sense.  His world has already changed.  His mommy isn't home right now, and he also knows there is a "baby wodge-er" and well, that alone is enough to throw his little world off kilter a little.

We went to the hospital yesterday and he was so happy to be there.

 He was also so happy to see the new ball that his brother gave him  :)  and to check out the ice maker when he went with daddy to get some ice for mommy.  Oh, and the bed.  When Leah got up, he quickly climbed in, and proceeded to get a little ride ~ which he loved!  (see the video)

Later we went back home, watched the "one show" that he was told he could watch (Curious George and the boats) and then we had supper, played, had a bath, and then quickly got into the bedtime routine ... jammies, teeth brushing, sing together and pray and then tuck in.  Everett was tired!  He played hard in the bathtub.

Poppa read his his book, and then we went into the bedroom.  He didn't want to sit and pray, but got immediately under the covers.  He also said no when I asked if we should sing.  However, after I prayed, he said "sing" and we sang the song "I Love You Lord and I Lift my Voice"  We actually sang it three times (mainly because I just love to hear his little voice singing!)
Then it was kisses good-night and we shut the light off and shut his door.  And he was fast asleep.  He had embraced life to the fullest yesterday.  He had a couple hard moments, but when I think about it - he is processing alot of stuff for a little 2 year old.  So a couple hard moments, heck - that is nothing!
(I need to learn that lesson for myself!)

I am so glad to have the blessing of being a granny to my sweet grandsons.  It is truly a gift from God.  I always want to watch with eyes wide open, as I see the gift of life through their eyes.  I want to continue to revel in watching their glee from their perspective and vantage point!  I want to continue to marvel at how quickly they learn, how quickly they grow and how readily they love!  (of course, watching this will come with our little Roger since he is only 2 days old!)  I am so thankful for our 3 grandsons, and thank God for the blessing.

Oh and one more thing!  Today I did get a picture of me with my newest Grandson Roger!  The Sweetness just keeps going!

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Audacious said...

That song is in our bedtime repertoire too. It's the 10-year-old's top request.