Saturday, January 7

finally a "resolution" for 2012

For this year - there ARE some things that I want to do ... or resolve to do ... or set as goals.  (whatever word you want to use is fine by me.)  This post is going to be short - mainly because it is something I have been thinking of, but only for the past little while, and I am trying to figure out how to do the things I desire.  What are they?

Well, this year I resolve to be ME .. to live a life of integrity, tranquility, transparency and authenticity.
Big words.  Bottom line - I want to live life fully with Jesus as my Lord, and live so that others will see Jesus through my eyes, through my words, and through the way I live my life.  I want to forgive fully and finally those who hurt me deeply.  I want to do what I do - with excellence, as a testimony to the Lord.  I want to love those who are unlovable and to give grace generously especially since the Lord did that for me!  I want to love fully.  I want to be aware of the God-moments in my life.  I want to take less for granted and become more thankful!  I want to include God in the daily grind ... and not just when things get hard, or stressful.  Really I just want to live fully!

I want to sing more... laugh more ... listen more ... talk less.  I want to reach out and be helpful ... to sense when to pray with and for someone.  I want to swing with my grandson and listen to him talk.  I want to hold my new grand baby and smell their sweet baby skin.  I want to enjoy time with family and friends around my table or over a good cup of coffee at Mountain Bean.  I want to read through the Bible (finally) and also to journal every day (in some form or another) This is the year I finally want to write and finish my story.  I want to eat better, and move (aka exercise) more.  I want to embrace life an live each day as if it is my last!

I want to be ME!!  
With God's help -
 I want to be authentically JOY.
and through it all - to bring praise to the Lord!

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Anonymous said...

Blessings on this journey. With God's help you WILL succeed.