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30 things about my Son

Happy 30th Birthday to my Son
Joshua Gerald

Saturday, January 21st, 2012 ~ a celebration!!  30 years ago today, I gave birth to our firstborn, our Son, Joshua Gerald Klassen Klassen!  (yes, Klassen Klassen!)  (More about that in a minute).  Today we spent time together as a family.  As we have done in the past two years we get requests from the "Birthday" child and then go ahead and make the meal, and celebrate at Josh and Leah's.  Since they are the ones with the children so far, it makes sense to do the birthdays there so that it is easier all around for the children.

So today we celebrated Josh's 30th birthday!  THIRTY.  I can hardly believe we have a child who is now 30 since it seems like we aren't much older! Hmm guess we are!

Joshua said today, that he wants to make "30" the best year of his life.  I remember 30 too.  It was not a bad thing at all, in fact, it was just the beginning of the rest of our lives!  And, it really has gotten better and better. So since he wants to make "30" his best year, I want to write 30 things about my firstborn today on his birthday.

  1. Joshua Gerald Klassen Klassen is his name on his birth certificate.  We realized this just a few years ago when going to get a passport.  Klassen Klassen?  What the heck?  Well, as it seems, in my excitement to fill out the information on the birth papers, I wrote his WHOLE name on the first line:  Joshua Gerald Klassen.  And then on the SURNAME line, I put Klassen.    Thus they took it to read Joshua Gerald Klassen Klassen.  I told Josh that I would pay to get it changed, and well, he liked that it was different, so nothing has been done about it.  (although I think on his passport there is just one Klassen after all!)
  2. We prayed for a boy first.  We would have been thrilled with boy or girl (and I didn't have an ultrasound so we did not know anything ahead of time)  I just wanted a boy first, so that the next one would have a "big brother" .  We only had one name picked out.  A boy's name.  There was NO girls name picked just in case.  I had a strong sense that we were having a boy, and well - God gave us the desire of our hearts with a boy born first!  
  3. Josh is named after his Poppa Thomas (my dad, Gerald).  My dad was so thrilled.
  4. At birth, Josh was 7 lbs 11 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.  Jay and Roger were both very similar to their daddy's birth stats.
  5. Josh shared the nursery at Concordia with a friend that he met in grade 3.  Actually Bryan's mom and I shared the same hospital room, but only realized it when we met while in a mom's prayer group.  Josh and Bryan felt this unique friendship after finding that out.  (Bryan was taken to Heaven at the young age of 16, in 1998)  
  6. My dad's sister had a dream about Josh being born.  I am pretty sure in the dream she also knew his name.  Interesting.
  7. From the beginning, my dad told me that God was going to do great things through Joshua.  My dad was right!  
  8. Josh started Sunday School when he was 2 1/2, and he cried even though he liked to go.  
  9. Josh only spent 1 hour in the baby nursery at church.  It was not a great experience, he cried alot and they did not come and get me.  I felt so bad!  Thus, I never tried out the nursery again!
  10. Josh asked Jesus to be his personal Saviour at the age of 5, and one time had his cousin in the closet and explaining that he needed Jesus too.  Josh does not take this aggressive approach, but instead "lives" what he believes and is able to provide answers to those who ask him about Jesus.  I have learned alot from watching Josh grow in his faith.
  11. For the first 13 years of life, Josh was the only boy on my Thomas side.  He and Poppa had a very unique relationship.  When Josh was thirteen, his only other male cousin Daniel, was born.  
  12. Josh played hockey (Hazelridge); football (Eastside Eagles) (I think that is what they were called); took Tai Kwan Do.  He also was the mascot for a while at MBCI.  I especially loved watching him play hockey.  He also became very good at being an "illusionist" ... ask him to do a few tricks for you!
  13. Josh loved his sister Ashley, who was born when he was just over 3 years old.  He has always looked out for her, and has been the "big brother" I had prayed for her.
  14. Josh grew up at Faith Bible Camp (which his Poppa started after God gave him the vision for Children's Camps).  The first year he didn't really want to go, but Poppa and Granny promised to bring him treats for him and his cabin (and so did Mom!!)  This is where he later worked, counselled, co-directed and met the love of his life Leah!
  15. Still unable to reach the stirrups - Josh was an avid horseback rider, and loved to ride KING who we bought from Bird's Hill stables.
  16. Josh tried hard to teach Nikki how to pull a sled!  However Nikki was not the least bit interested, and on the first test run, went directly into her doghouse with the sled pulled right up to the opening!
  17. Josh has always been an entrepreneur, and often convinced me to help out (paying for some of the supplies, and at times even dropping off things on the route for him).  His first t-shirts were KTS which stood for Kiss the Sky.  He had Grandma making him knit toques with KTS on them, crocheting hacky sacks, and later helping him make fleece boxer shorts with mesh for breathability!!)  Grandma let him keep all the money.
  18. Josh played trumpet like his Dad ... but band was short-lived.
  19. Josh graduated from Brandon Fire College in 2002 at the age of 20 and got hired with the city of Winnipeg in fall.  An answer to prayer!  (one of many) Not many people have gotten hired at such a young age of 20.
  20. Josh fell in love with Leah!  The best friend and wife he could ever have!  We love her!
  21. Josh's first trip to the hospital was when he was about 2 and a half or so.  He was so excited to see me arrive at Granny and Poppa's and took one run around the living room and dining room, only to fall and hit the little rocking chair.  We took him to Concordia where he got his first stitches in the top of his forehead.
  22. When Josh tells you something funny, his eyes water.  He has always been able to make us laugh!  At one point he was going to write a book, but instead used some of the chapters he had written for some stand up comedy.  I still think he could write that book!
  23. At the age of 5, for kindergarten, they had "career" day and each child had to dress up in however they wanted, to represent what they wanted to be when they were older.  Their kindergarten teacher filmed them, since they were the class of 2000.  She called them all together and they watched the film.  Josh wanted to be like his Dad, a firefighter.  I made the costume. He also wanted to be (later in life he added these) a Youth Pastor and the Prime Minister of Canada.  He did part-time Youth work with Leah.  However, he has never run for PM!
  24. Josh and I often went for mom-son lunches.  If there were times when I knew he was having a bad day, or something was up, then I would pick him up from school and take him for lunch.  I am glad for the chance to still eat lunch or drink coffee with him only from time to time.  There is a very unique mom-son relationship I figure.
  25. Josh and his dad are like two peas in a pod!  Every kid wants to hear that right?  I watch them walk together, and they are so similar!  Alvin has the greatest respect for all that Josh has done and learned to do, and loves working alongside of him!
  26. Josh is very skilled at plumbing, and also tiling, and well.. you name it, he can do it.  His dad says there is really nothing that Josh can't do!
  27. Joshua is a friend to all.  He looks out for the "least of these".  One time he came home and told me that he had given his brand new down jacket plus some pocket change to a guy who was begging.  Another time, he gave his sweater (I think it was one that his grandma had knit) to a person who needed one.  He looks out for all, and has a heart that is compassionate, loving and giving. 
  28. Joshua is not prone to gossiping.  I really admire this in my son.
  29. Joshua loves fully.  I have felt his love and I am so proud to call him my son.  I have been blessed by him.  When he was in Brandon at Fire College, I missed him alot.  It was his first experience living away from home, and on his own.  One day I got a Mother's Day card in the mail.  I think it was April.  In it he said that he realized it was not Mother's Day yet, but that he saw the card and wanted to send it to me, and tell me how much he loved and appreciated me as a mom.  I wept.  You see I did know that, but it was another thing to see the words written in a card for me!  And to think he took the time to send it in the mail!  Totally blessed!
  30. God gave me a son 30 years ago.  We have walked through alot together and I admire the man of God that he has become.  I have learned and continue to learn alot from him.  I watch him as he loves his sons, and I see that he will have a wonderful relationship with them too.  I watch as he loves his wife Leah, and I am so thankful.  
I am blessed!  My Son, you are a gift to me.  There is way more NOT said, than SAID.  Way more than 30 things.  These are not in any specific order either, just as some memories came!  Robert Munsch says it best in his story:  

I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be!

love always,
Mom  xo

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