Sunday, February 26

status update

This past week I have worked a fair bit again.  I have worked early - gotten home late - worked Saturday. I love working but I find that when I am not at work - I am just tired.  PLAIN TIRED.  The kind that just wants to put their feet up and stay home and not do a thing kind of tired.  I am actually wishing my husband would put his feet up too - but the house that is being built - the house that is going to house us AND the ministry Women Refreshed at the Well (  - this house is constantly in our thoughts and well, we just want to get it done.  SO ... there is no rest for the weary at times.
ANYHOW ... I am not complaining here - it is just the preface to this blogpost.

My "status" bar on facebook said "UPDATE STATUS"  "What's on your mind" .. and so I thought I would update my "status" here, on my blog.  My thoughts feel like they are whirling and swirling around in my head and my heart.  I will let you in on a few that have come up - thoughts, questions, observations over this past week.

  • the kids and I gave Alvin a gift that will go on giving ... it is an ice fishing shack.  He loves it.  It is a place where he will be able to go to fish whether it be with the kids, grandkids, friends or alone if he wants and perhaps even with me!!  I loved seeing their faces as we drove up to where they had it parked.  It was made by them for him.  Love:  in the gift of an ice shack!
  • Alvin continues to amaze me with his gifts/talents/love for people/ability to just do anything he puts his mind to
  • beef tenderloin barbecued and shared with our kids for a birthday meal - priceless
  • there is nothing sweeter than our Grandsons
  • Caregroup on Thursday made me realize what a special gift these men and women are to Alvin and I.  We have only been a part of it for a year - but we feel like we are family.  Amazing.
  • I sat on my purse and accidentally called my daughter a couple times during the ride in the car.  This at least made us laugh.  I can hear them saying "Oh Mom, only you."
  • the Fisher Price ZOO was one of the best investments I have made in toys.  To see Everett light up when he sees it - warms my heart.  
  • I am convinced that every time I hear my grandson say GRANNY ... melts my heart a little more
  • sometimes at the end of the day I am just too pooped to write in my journal, which really means that I have to carve out some space when I am able to sit and write without falling asleep
  • I really want to get up early to begin my day with God ~ so why is it such a struggle
  • sometimes I wish God had made me with an aversion to chocolate and every other sweet thing that just seems to call my name!
  • driving to work early - when there is hardly a car on the road for the drive in to the city - makes for good thinking time
  • I miss my sisters but I am thankful for those times when we connect
  • Tim Horton's new coffee size - seriously who needs this much at one time?  My coffee would really be cold by the time I got to the end of it
  • a smile goes a long way
  • there are many hands going into the build of the retreat house.  We are very thankful
  • will I ever get rid of my weight
  • Birthday's ... we all have them. Why does it feel like I am not getting older.  And yet - each day I am sure I see more wrinkles.  
  • Olive Garden is a wonderful place to celebrate with friends
  • one morning I had to try to start my car three times with my remote.  I was just going to run out and start it manually when the lights came on.  Even cars have a hard time getting up
  • I am snoring more and more - sometimes I even wake myself up.  Other times - Alvin wakes me up just to tell me I am snoring.  (not that it helps much)
  • My little grandson Roger makes sweet baby sounds when he is sleeping.  What joy it is to hold him, hear him and watch him as he snuggles and sleeps
  • Beth Moore is an amazing Bible Study teacher.
  • I am wanting to memorize James (the book in the bible) but I am stalled in the first chapter.  
  • Musical cards make me laugh - especially the ones by Hoops and YoYo
  • it is almost 6 years since my near death experience in hospital.
  • almost 6 years since my hysterectomy and I am still having hot flashes!  REALLY?I 
  • I love working for Canadian Blood Services and believe fully in what it does!  Especially since I saw first hand how it made a difference in the life of Mom K.
  • I am missing my parents and in-laws.  Sometimes I just want to talk to my MOM.
  • my husband is on holidays till the end of March.  The City of Winnipeg has a great vacation plan.
  • I can hardly wait to head to Florida with our kids and grandchildren.  Florida holds so many wonderful memories for us as a family.  It will be the first Florida experience for my son-in-law and of course my grandbabes!!
  • I am very thankful for the friends who make me laugh - the friends who challenge me - and the friends whom it is okay to spill my guts with, and perhaps even some tears.
  • I am almost 54 ... will this be the year I dump the weight.  I am so frustrated and discouraged with that.
  • I am working on getting my certificate in SoulCare but my progress has been slow!  Gotta step it up.
  • I really want to write my book.  Maybe this will be the year.  If nothing else - I want to write it for my kids
  • I have learned 3 cords on my new guitar, thanks to my daughter teaching me.  One day - perhaps I can play along with Josh and Ashley on their guitars!
  • I sometimes get worried that I won't be able to do what God has called me to with the ministry.  I realize I need to figure out time for ourselves as a couple and as a family - and also my own "retreat" time, especially since our home and our ministry are going to be in one place
  • Ryan the teenager at the clinic yesterday just completed 40 months of treatment for cancer and he said he knew if he could go through that - he could go through anything. All I could think was WOW.
  • God does not give us more than we can stand up under.  Some times though it feels like we are almost at our breaking points.  But He knows that.  AND He carries us
  • I wonder how God chooses to heal some, but not others.
  • I am thankful that God does redeem brokenness
  • I am so thankful that God blessed me with the kids that I have!  Josh and Leah, Ashley and Michael make this mom feel so blessed!!

....  those are just a few thoughts.  Guess you can see where my head and heart have been this past week.  Swirls/Whirls ... thoughts!!  That is my status update for today.

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