Sunday, February 19

Teachable moments with my Son over warmed up pizza

Last Monday, when my son Josh was the only one here working in the house - he broke for lunch and we were able to have it together.  We talked over warmed up home made pizza and iced tea.  We talked about all kinds of things.  I don't get a chance to have lunch or coffee only with my son.  And that is okay - I love having time with Josh, Leah and the boys.  However I miss those days of when he was a teenager and I would pick him up for lunch, or make a coffee date with him, just to talk and catch up on things that we wouldn't likely think of talking about when everyone is together.  I often get these 1:1 times with the girls, but not often with my boys.  SO back to Monday lunch.  I really treasured this time with h

While we were talking, he was sharing how he had been trying to get up early in the day - about 6 am - when things were still quiet.  When Ev was still asleep.  Josh was trying to get into the habit of early morning QT.  I shared how that is my desire to.  I also shared with him, how often when I went to bed asking the Lord to wake me - that He usually does.  And then it is up to me if I obediently respond by climbing out of the warm and cozy bed!

Such it was this morning - actually 2.25 hours ago, that I climbed out of bed, and decided it was a good time for my quiet time (aka QT).  I turned on a little light so as not to wake up Alvin.  (rare moment when I crawl out of bed before this man!)  I made the coffee and poured myself a cup.  I went to my favorite reading chair - got the heating pad - my laptop desk - a highlighter and pen - my journal - my Bible and my Beth Moore study.  (oh and for a while I used a little book lite attached onto the side of the books.

James - a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ - to the 12 tribes scattered among the nations - Greetings:  Consider it pure joy .....
(I have decided, regardless of how long it may take - that I want to memorize the book of James.  Can I do it?  I think YES!)

I love any Beth Moore study.  I love how she takes us into the scripture and makes us search it!
I will admit - I was a week behind.  I was working so much last week - and not feeling well at all - and the study did not happen.  (and I missed the session at Eastview because I was away on mobile with work)  So here I am trying to catch up first - so that I can then go into the week that is due this Wednesday.

These past couple hours - I studies from James 1:19 to the end.  And many things impacted me.  Things I have read and perhaps known.  I think the Lord just loves to make things stick out for us in new ways!

What really impacted me again this morning was about being not just HEARERS of the Word, but DOERS!  He talks about putting away all filth and evil and IMPLANTING the message within us.  IMPLANTING!!  Because why?  Because the message implanted within us is able to save our souls. The word save in Greek is sozo which means to save, deliver, make whole, preserve from danger, loss or destruction.  I love the part about "making whole" ...

Then verse 25 spoke to me too, which is where the not only hearing but doing comes into play.  Beth writes:  "Squeeze in the palm of your hand the verses we're studying today, Sister, because they are the keys to flourishing life, bone-deep transformation, and divine blessing.  What James will teach us is the difference between talking about living in victory over things like self centeredness, addiction, seduction and temptation and actually doing it!"  (James member book, page 77) (my thought was:  Is this why I still struggle with some things like food strongholds? )  James talks alot about self deception.

Beth also said this in the member book:  "Self-deception slithers in when we mistake appreciation for application or being touched with being changed."  "The Word of God, however, is meant to do more than penetrate.  It's meant to activate!! It can bore holes through obstacles.  it can tumble defenses.  It can plant wandering feet of clay in places of divine purpose.  It can sanctify the sin sick and steady the aimless and confused.  It can light a blazing torch in a black hole.  Simply put, the Word was meant to work.  And, through it we were meant to bear fruit!" (member study book, page 78-79)

This all takes me back to my conversation with Josh - and our discussion about quiet times.  I believe that having my time with my Lord is absolutely important to walking in obedience and helping me to store the Word in my heart and also to be a doer, not just one who reads it and walks away.  It is my prayer that God will give me this desire - to serve him with all my heart.  To study his Word.  To be able to memorize it (with this almost 54 year old memory).

I want to love him fully - 
and well this - 
is all a part of loving Jesus with all my heart,
 my soul
 my mind 
and my strength.  
To God be the glory!

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