Monday, May 20

Celebrating Together!

Celebrating Leah Michelle

Yesterday was Leah's birthday.  We celebrated today.  It seems like we have celebrated many birthdays together - and Lord willing, anticipate many more to come!  Tonight the house was abuzz with conversation, family, and good food.  Like usual, I usually get a menu suggestion from the birthday kid!!  So we had some tasty chicken and veggie kabobs, rice, and a brand new recipe for coconut cake.  I think it all went well!!

I really love Leah - and I thank God over and over again for having her as a daughter (married to my son) and having her in our family for many years now!  So, like I have been doing so far this year, I want to write an acrostic for her name - and tell you a bit about her!!  (Alvin was sitting here on the couch when I was doing this, so I have his two cents on a few letters too!!)

Loves wholeheartedly:  Leah loves Jesus with all her heart.  She also loves her husband, her sons, her family (includes us) and her friends
Exceptional or "extra mile" :  Leah has so many amazing qualities and I see how God has created her truly exceptional as a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend and also when she was a teacher to kindergarten kids.  Alvin chose the word "extra mile" because he feels she always goes the extra mile for people)
Admirable or accepting:  There are many things about Leah, that have been admiring her.  I am constantly learning from her wisdom and her input into my life, and ministry.  Alvin chose the word "accepting" for Leah, as he has seen that in her.
Humble or Helpful.  She is a humble woman of God - her life and actions - give Him the glory.  Alvin chose the word helpful!

Mommy or "Many things to many people" :  Leah is an amazing mommy to her boys!  There is just no words to express that.  She has taken what she has learned first of all as a teacher, and makes each day a learning/teaching moment for her kids.  Alvin picked the words "many things to many people" which also describes Leah.  She can be found not only being the wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and neighbour but she also reaches out to many, helps out with many things, plans, hosts, and on and on.  Leah is a gift to us all.
Ingenious:  I have seen many things that she has made for her kids, and also many ideas she has put into her home, and helped us in our new home too.
Caring.  Need I say more.
Humorous or Happy:  together Leah and Josh make quite the pair and can get us laughing!!  Alvin chose the words Happy.
Embraces Life or energetic:  Embraces Life to the fullest!! Leah loves life.  Yes sometimes it is overflowing, and sometimes it is crazy, and sometimes it is laid back, and sometimes it is go-go-go ESPECIALLY with her boys.  But she takes it and embraces it.  Alvin chose the word energetic.
Loves to learn:  Leah is an amazing teacher, and I think that she is so amazing because she herself loves to learn!!  Leah often researches things that she does not know about, so that she is fully aware of the topic, and able to apply what she learns.  She is an avid reader too!  She is pretty amazing at helping her sons learn new things - whether it be saying words or climbing or riding a bike or any other new skill.
Loving:  plain, simple but profound.  Leah LOVES and is LOVING.  That is her nature!
Elegant:  I love Leah's sense of style, but when she dresses up for instance to go to a wedding - she is so elegant!  Absolutely beautiful!  No two ways about it.

Leah, I love you.  
I am so glad you married my son, and became my "daughter".  
I am also so thankful that the partner I prayed for (for my son) from the time he was a little babe 
and that the partner is YOU.  
You have brought so much beauty and joy into our lives as a family!  
We love you!
I hope the year ahead is an amazing one
 and that God continues to be your strength, 
your guide, 
your strong arm, 
and that He continues to bless you sweet One!! 
This mom, loves you!!
Happy Birthday Leah.

Mom K.

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