Thursday, May 23

experiencing prayer at the "One Heart Prayer Summit" last night

Last night I had the great joy of being a part of a prayer summit in advance of the One Heart Church service at the new Investors Group Field, this coming Sunday.  I felt called to go.  And oh my goodness, what a blessing it was to be a part of a group who were petitioning God on behalf of the One  Heart service.

I think the part of the joy was the fact that I was able to pray alongside of other people from many churches, many denominations.  I was able to pray out loud, sometimes all of us praying at once (just like I experienced in Thailand) and other times just praying around our tables for specific things.  I was blessed by the way others came before the throne of grace with boldness!

We had alot to pray for, but the center of it was the One Heart service that is taking place in our city - at a brand new stadium - One Heart is the opening event!!  We came and we prayed for every detail, every volunteer, the sunshine, and the lack of rain on that day!!

It was right at the beginning that God gave me something. I know enough about my God, that He speaks, and I need to be ready to respond.  And, he did speak.  And also, as he often does, he also gave me a "picture".  It happened together.

When I heard the word, I grabbed a pencil and wrote it down on a piece of paper so I would not forget.
The words was Shekinah.

And then, I got the "picture" -  If I could draw it, it would be a picture of the stadium, and all around it are golden rays extending up toward heaven.  Bright.  Golden.  Totally surrounding the stadium where the service will take place.

The word Shekinah - I was not sure what it meant, although I knew that it was also accompanied with the word "glory".  I also had the strong sense that  it was about God's presence - it was  going to fill that place.    I also got the words, "take off your shoes, you are on holy ground."  I have to tell you - this Sunday is going to be exciting!!

So today, as I am sitting here babysitting, and since the babes are in bed, I have a quiet house, and lots of time - so I googled the word He gave me:  Shekinah
This is what it means:  taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ShekinahShechinahShechina, or Schechinah, (Hebrew:שכינה‎) is the English spelling of a grammatically feminineHebrew ancient blessing of God. The original word means thedwelling or settling, and denotes the dwelling or settling of thedivine presence of God, especially in the Temple in Jerusalem.


World English Dictionary
Shechina or Shekinah  (ʃɛˈkaɪnə, Hebrew  ʃəxiːˈna, ʃɛˈkaɪnə, Hebrew ʃəxiːˈna) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
— n
1.the radiance in which God's immanent presence in the midst of hispeople, esp in the Temple, is visibly manifested
2.the divine presence itself as contrasted with the divine transcendence
[C17: from Hebrew shĕkhīnāh,  from shākhan  to dwell]
Shekinah or Shekinah
— n
[C17: from Hebrew shĕkhīnāh,  from shākhan  to dwell]
I can hardly wait to attend on Sunday.  I think my time there will also be as an intercessory prayer person!  I know that it will be a little taste of heaven, as we worship the one TRUE GOD - Jesus Christ - together - all nations, all denominations, all people together - One Heart under the cross of Jesus!!  It is going to be so exciting!

check it out for details!  don't miss it.

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