Saturday, May 4

she knew the song

I had a sweet little moment tonight.  I had gotten my little granddaughter diapered, and changed into her sleeper for night.  The instructions are - once she is changed, sit with her, sing a song, pray and put on her sleep sack and tuck her in for night.  Well, since she is 5 months, she didn't protest at all .. and I came upon a very sweet moment.  It happened when I sang to her.  Now, it wasn't my voice!  It was the song.  Ashley had mentioned that they sing "I Love You Lord" and so I thought I would sing the same one.  As soon as I started to sing it, Mattie quieted and looked up at me while I sang.  She obviously recognized the song.  I mentioned that to Ashley in a text, and she said that is usually the song she sings only at bedtime, so that is likely why.

5 months old, and she knows the song.  Of course, she didn't sing it - but I have no doubt that she will, once she is old enough to sing.

I loved how the words calmed her.  I loved how she stilled.  I loved how she looked at me while I sang.  She knew.

The words are beautiful - perhaps I need to start singing this more often - to still my heart in those times when it needs to be stilled!!

I love you Lord, and I lift my voice
To worship you, O my soul rejoice
Take joy my King, in what you hear
May it be a sweet sweet sound, in your ears.

O Lord, yes!  I love you.

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