Sunday, May 26

it is time, to let God rule

life is hard at times
but it can get harder too (and it will, it always does)
so I have made a decision
to let go of some things
as hard as they are
it is time
and to let GOD rule ...

this decision is one that will take lots of prayer
and plenty of journalling for me
but it is time
to let God rule ...

I have wrestled with it
closed the book on it
cried over it
prayed over it
ignored it
justified it
but it is time
to let God rule...

with God as my strength
and with the Bible as my guide
and people I love as encouragers in this process
I am going to tackle
what I have been trying to ignore
but it has become out of control, ugly and NOT life giving
it is time
to let God rule ...

in all places
in all things
good or bad
old or new
sporatic or consistent
hard or easy
it is time
(you know it)

just a note:  this is totally about letting God rule in ME, MY life ... I know it is cryptic, but it is just the early thoughts of something God has had on my heart for a very very (did I say very) long time!  And well ... it is TIME.  NOW.  to let God rule

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