Friday, May 17

Mom, do you miss Audrey?

The other day, my daughter Leah asked me, "Mom, do you miss Audrey" to which I replied "yes" ...
I miss her.
and I wish she was here - to talk to, to laugh with
I wish she was here to give me some help planting and doing the garden
She loved gardening alot
And her garden was beautiful.
She told me about the flowers, and I wished I knew as much as she did!

Last Sunday, we headed out to Sunnyside Cemetery, to put some flowers on my grandson's grave
but I also wanted to take some flowers for my friend
I know - neither my grandson, or my friend know that I am laying the flowers.
It is just something that I like to do ...
something that brings me peace and comfort
Sunnyside is a beautiful and peaceful place

I also however had this experience this past week, and I really thought of Audrey.
I had a vitamin C intravenous infusion.
And as I laid there, with a small bag of vitamin c and b12 and other minerals dripping through an iv bag and into my vein, I thought of my friend.
It was a very strange feeling.
No, I was not having chemotherapy, but just the technique made me think of her.
As soon as the drip began, I could smell and taste vitamins.
The doctor said that would happen and it did.
When I used to go with Audrey for her chemo, or even for her blood work for that matter,
as soon as they wiped her port, she could taste alcohol swab.
as soon as they flushed it, she gagged, as there was a awful taste that came into her mouth immediately
I bought her some strong Altos (mints) to try to help her combat that!
I sat with her a few times.
I held her hand while she had chemo inserted into her spinal fluid.
I sat there and could not imagine what she was going through.

On Tuesday, when I laid on the bed, for the 20 minutes or so for the vit C drip to go through, I thought of my friend.
It was such a reality that she is in Heaven
I thought again of the last hour and a half I spent with her.
I thought about her love for her husband and son
I thought about her love for her friends, of which I was one.
And oh, I miss her.

I am thinking about her alot this week - especially on a weekend when alot of people go camping.
Her and her husband were avid campers with their new trailer.
I know she was hoping that her husband would continue somehow, to still go camping.

Mom, do you miss Audrey ...
Oh yes, boy do I miss her.
Audrey - you will be forever loved, forever missed ... until we meet again in Heaven.
I love you my friend.

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