Thursday, June 13

Next 10 years of my life ... part 2!

So let's see - seems like I need to finish my post birthday thoughts - for all they are worth!!

1969:  This is the summer that I turned 11.  I decided I wanted to be baptized, and after speaking with the elders, it was decided I would get baptized by Uncle Bill Orr at Missionary Camp at FBC.
I remember exactly what I was wearing that day!  It was such a momentous day for me.  The waves were big, and there was a wind, but I was baptized in the lake!!
This fall I went into Grade 6 at Beausejour Junior High.  It was either a walk, or a bus ride from our new house on Third and James.  My teacher was Mrs. Zielke.  We were in huts on the high school grounds.  It was quite something.  I began cheer leading this year - and loved it!  I was still best friends with Josie, and my cousin Debbie.

This is the first year that FBC took place on the mainland!  It was quite a change.  There was something special about the island all those years!

1970:  This is the year that I turned 12 and I was able to start working at camp as a waitress - not during kids camps but during the teen and youth camps and missionary camp.  I loved working at camp - it was really all I knew!!  My summers were spent here.

This is the year that we had a grade 6 grad in June!  I went to this grad with Paul - my neighbour and my childhood crush from down the street!!  The grad was at St. Mary's Hall.  My mom bought me a new peasant dress - it was a long one - and I just remember this evening being a mixture of fun and nerves.  Remember - I was raised in the day when it wasn't common for christian kids to go to dances or shows!!  But I had permission to go to the grade 6 dinner and dance - and it was good.

In fall, I went into Grade 7 and had Mr. Michelo as a teacher (not sure if I spelled his name right).  He was such a great teacher!  I loved going to the sockhops that happened at lunch hours.  I also still enjoyed cheer leading.  This actually was a passion of mine right up to the end of grade 10. (if you can imagine!!)

1971:  When I finished Grade 7 in summer, I went off to camp.  I was now 13 and able to be a junior counsellor at FBC.  I LOVED IT.  I will never forget the day though, that I found out we would be moving to Peterborough, Ontario. My dad had to close up the Polaris Plant in Beausejour, and then got a job with Arctic Cat, however they wanted him in Ontario for a year.  SO we went.
I was in my grade 8 year - and started it off in the High School... to be honest, I can not remember my teacher's name. My best friend Josie went into school in the city - to MBCI.  Deb and I still hung out.  I only attended school in Beausejour until the weekend of Thanksgiving when we left and headed to our new home in Peterborough, and our new school.

While most kids would find this hard - I actually recall this year with fond memories - except it was the year that I got into a little trouble - i.e. got caught smoking.  Most of my friends smoked.  I had a mixture of friends - and to begin with I hung with the cool kids - but then realized that well, I just didn't belong with them - and made some changes in friendships.  My closest friend at this time was Jeannette Lonsberry.  I started a cheer leading team - and it was a great year.

We went to a new brethren church in Peterboro and I got involved in youth.

That year at Christmas, my dad was involved in a car accident on the Trans Canada while we were returning to Beausejour for Christmas.  We spent our Christmas day between the hospital and the hotel.  It was a Christmas to be remembered.  My dad went home in a wheelchair, with a leg cast on.  Having only one real leg (my dad was a war amputee) meant that this caused quite a hassle!!

1972:  I turned 14 and finished Grade 8 with a "grad" and then I had to say good-bye to my new found friends!  I had several who I was so sad to leave behind.  My mom and brothers and I took the train back to Winnipeg and once there, we met my soon to be brother-in-law Greg.

I was a bridesmaid that summer, and worked at camp.  I went back to Peterboro with my dad, and got to visit with some friends for a week or so.  It was a good visit.

That year I returned to Beausejour High Shcool - and entered Grade 9 with Mrs. Donohue as my teacher.  The year does not stand out too much for me.
I continued to get involved in cheerleading, and school was okay :)

1973:  this was the year I turned 15.  I went into Grade 10.  Can't remember my teacher again.  But I really struggled with some things at school.  I did not fit into many things - as a Christian kid - I did not go to the parties.  Cheer leading took up slot of time - and it was fun.  It was during this year - that my parents told me if I wanted to go into school at MBCI, for grade 11, that they would send me.

My first niece Keri was born this year!!  Loved being an auntie.
I worked at camp all summer!

1974:  I turned 16!!  I got my beginners and I finished grade 10 and went to camp for the summer.  ALL SUMMER.
I was accepted into MBCI for Grade 11.  Good-bye Beausejour - Hello MBCI
Josie and I lived together in the WHITE HOUSE ...
This fall I took driving lessons with JOE VINE DRIVING SCHOOL :)  and passed first try at my license!
On the first day of school - I met Alvin, and well - the rest is history!
We began going steady (that is what we called it then) on November 21, 1974

1975:  continued dating ... went on our Quebec/Ontario tour in June.  My granny whom I loved with all my heart - she died in March of this year.  That broke my heart.  She was the only grandparent I knew.
That summer I worked the full camp season.  The school told us we could not live in the WHITE house so Josie and I, had to find other accommodations.  I lived with Mary-Ann and Nelson during the week and went home on the weekends.  I got a job at Smitty's in Garden City mall.  Alvin worked at Angelo's pizza.  We would put our tips together and share A&W root beer floats!!

1976:  TURNED 18!  Graduated High School.  Worked at camp all summer.  Went on one last family trip with my brothers and parents, in our Boler Trailer!!  Yep - all 5 of us!
Got a job working at Care-A-Lot daycare in October of this year.

My parents moved from Beausejour into the city - onto 42 Summerfield Way.
This is the year my niece Melissa was born.

1977: Turned 19.  I worked as an early childhood educator.  I also began getting my e.c.e certification.
I continued to attend church at Arlington Street Gospel Chapel, where I taught SS and went to youth.  I loved camp - and worked as the camp registrar for a few years.

1978:  Alvin proposed in January.  I was in Josie and Wayne's wedding in June.  We got married in September.  It was a great year!! I turned 20 and had been dating my sweet man for almost 4 years.
We moved into an apartment for the first year of our married life.  We began attending together at Alvin's church - McIvor Avenue M.B. Church.  I was accepted into membership there that year in the fall.  My dad gave me some of the wisest advice - he said "Whatever you do, go to church together - get involved together."  He blessed me over and over again.

Yep, the 70's were good too!!


Anonymous said...

Joy, 1968 I visited FBC with my family. I remember taking the barge to the island. I remember that my uncle (Les Harrs) missed the departure and we waved to him still on the shore.
In 1969 I was at FBC as a camper. I was 12 and I remember that I was in Dorcas cabin. We won the tidy cabin award one day. Mr Zimmerman led our morning exercises. 1-2-3 fly!! (We through our arms out) I had to go to camp on my own and I remember that I had my period and I hated having to deal with it at camp. I got "saved" at camp that summer. The USA landed on the moon the month I went to camp. My older sister, brother and my cousin,Allan went to camp the week before me. Robert and Allan got sent home early because "they were on the girls side of the camp???"

Anonymous said...

continued...not sure what that was about. I remember yor Dad. It's weird that we were there together. I only went to camp the one summer, I was too much of a homebody and didn't like being away. Dorothy W

Joy said...

Hey Dorothy - it is so interesting how our lives were intertwined before we knew one another!! Yes ... the girls side of the camp!! They took it very very seriously back then and likely still do - you know of course - no guys in girls cabins. I wonder who the director was ... cause that does seem pretty extreme but it was 1969!!
That first year on the island, I was 11 and a couple of the girls cabins had to be on the boys side, and I was one of those - I think I was in Samuel.