Saturday, June 22

Remembering the 90's ....

Well, I have been procrastinating on writing down these thoughts - but here goes.
I am wanting to write down some of the things from the 90's that stay in my heart!!  So here are some of them - and remember - I am not making you read my blog post!!  These years were hard years.  Very very hard years!

1990 - the year I turned 32. I started journalling this year ... it was haphazard - but journalling none the less!  Ashley began Kindergarten this year - my car rides into the city were pretty quiet every other day!!  This is the year we did our first invitation only craft sale/open house!  It was a great success!!  A few days later, Alvin and the kids and I took our first big trip - to Florida!!  Walt Disney World - Busch Gardens - it was an amazing time!!  That began my love for FLORIDA!  As my little grandson said tonight, Granny - I want to go with you again to your favorite Florida!!   This is really dumb - but I actually cried when I saw the castle!!

1991 -  I turned 33 this year. Sugar-N-Spice celebrated its 10th anniversary!!  We did another craft sale this time it took up most of my house and garage!

1992 - 34 years old in June.  My mom had her first heart attacks this year!  And began a downward spiral with her health.  this is the year that I first heard the audible voice of God.  This literally changed my life!  I thank God for that experience that morning!  It made me hunger and thirst for more of Him.  I have not ever heard it audibly OUT LOUD like it was that morning since that time.  I figure that God knew exactly what I needed and when. Another craft sale - each year it was getting better and bigger!

1993 -  This year was my 35th birthday. Some of our involvements were - being wife (we celebrated our 15th anniversary this year!)  Josh turned 11.  Ashley turned 8.  Alvin and I were deacons at McIvor Avenue M.B. Church.  I was running the daycare, and also formed a mom's prayer group - praying for our kids, their teachers, the school board, and the bus drivers.  We met weekly.  It was called MOMS IN TOUCH.  We did another craft sale - and once again, Alvin and I and the kids went back to Florida.  This time we combined it with a 3 night cruise into the Bahamas.  Josh was involved in hockey.  Ashley took skating for a while.  Both kids were in school in Anola.  It was a great experience.  Alvin continued on at the firehall - loving the crew he was working with.

1994 - I turned 36 this year.  my mom ended up in the hospital for a very long long time - we actually thought we were going to lose her - but God spared her for another two years.   Ashley started singing with Winnipeg Mennonite Children's Choir.  It was a huge commitment - but one that had so many adventures!  I got really really sick this December, with a bronchial infection that the doctor said was almost pneumonia.  I was so sick.  I still remember that time.  Joshua got baptized this year, at the age of 12.  Josh had given his heart to the Lord when he was just 5 years old.

1995 - 37!  I took a year off of work, unpaid, LA due to depression.  My mom ended up back in the hospital, and while in, fell and broke her hip.  At the same time, my sister Mary-Ann was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  She was in the hospital for her surgery at the same time as my mom.  It was quite the year!  This summer Ashley went to Israel, Germany and London with Menn. Children's Choir.  She was just barely 10!  I began my year off on September 1st.  Ashley got baptized this year!  She was 10 years old.  Ashley also gave her heart to Jesus as a young girl!

1996 - this is the year - May 5th, that I kissed my mom good-bye!  She had been in the hospital for a week (Sunday to Sunday) and we surrounded her as she very quietly breathed her last and passed into the presence of God!! It was the week before Mother's Day.  I was only almost 38 years old.  Way too young to lose my mom!  She was the most amazing woman in my life!  Our Christmas without mom was so hard!  I returned to work in September of this year. This year I was diagnosed with low thyroid and also with fibromyalgia.  Not good.

1997 - I turned 39 this year. It was a year of change.  Our daycare got moved into a brand new facility that the School Division built for us, attached to the Riverbend School.  It was so nice.  My dad remarried in August of this year, and was married only 3 months to the day when he had a massive heart attack and died.  We became orphans. Once again we celebrated our second Christmas without a parent!  My dad passed away in November 2nd.  Later that month, Alvin and I and the kids went back to Florida - this time spending some time in Fort Meyers first, and the over to Kissimmee.  It was a good time, but hard.  We went just in time to see Christmas decor in Florida!  Alvin's mom and Dad lived with us from Father's Day until the end of September - while Alvin built their house right through the bush from us!  I loved having mom and dad k out there!! So did the kids.

1998:  This is the year I turned 40!  Not sure what all happened ... funny, it seems that there was so much stress, that I have eliminated the events!! lol.   Obviously I made it through!  Celebrated our 20th this year!

1999: 41!  hmmm.... so this is the year that my son turned 17 and began dating his future wife Leah.  I love Leah so much!  Ashley turned 14 this year.  More choir.  Both of the kids were attending MBCI.

These were the 90's .... hard years.  Painful years, and yet years where I saw the faithfulness of God on my life - and the life of my family.  They were years of travel with our kids - and I would not give that back for anything!!  I LOVE TO TRAVEL!!

Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end .... I think there is a song for this line!

Stay tuned ... the last decade is yet to come!!

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