Saturday, June 15

Recalling the 80's ... the saga continues!

So, the next fifth of my life - the late seventies and eighties!  At this point in my life - I was in my 20's to 30's.  A great time of life!!

1979:  21 years old!  Alvin and I bought our first house in Valley Gardens area of Winnipeg.  It was quite something to move into our own place and become home owners!! I was still working as an ECE at Care-A-Lot daycare.  I was a room Supervisor in charge of the TODDLERS.  We bought our first house for $48,000. Alvin did some renos on it!

1980: Turned 22 this year.  I was working as the camp registrar for Faith Bible Camp - it was an unpaid job! But, I loved being involved!  Don't remember a ton about this year - I think we were both just busy working.  I did resign this year from Care-A-Lot and worked part-time with Parks and Rec - City of Wpg.  I ran the Parent/Child Drop-In, as well as the Toy Lending Library.  My dad and I also began to dream about opening a daycare center in North Winnipeg.  He would supply the funding - and I would supply the Early Childhood Educator experience.

1981:  We opened the daycare - Sugar-N-Spice Kiddie Haven Inc. - 2400 Main Street.  The place is no longer there - but there used to be an old school.  We began privately - with three children - two being my nieces!  By fall - we were full and became an official non-profit, government funded daycare centre!  We also added a school-age program.

I turned 23 this summer, and found out that we were expecting! We were very excited.  It was before the days of knowing what the sex of the baby was, however I had strong feelings that the baby was a boy, and we only had one name picked out - one BOYS NAME!!

This fall - Alvin and I, Mary-Ann and Nelson and our two dogs went to BC - gold panning.  It was a great holiday - although having the two dogs was very interesting!!

1982:  Our firstborn, a SON - Joshua Gerald was born early - January 21st, 1982.  Becoming a mom was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced!!  I turned 24 this June!

1983: Right after Josh's first birthday - we put the house up for sale - and we moved into a Seniors apartment - Sarina Apartment - on Henderson Hwy. at Springfield.  It was quite the time there - we stayed there from March to the beginning of August.  Alvin began building our home in Anola the end of March, and we moved in the 6th of August!  I turned 25 years old this year!!

1984: The year I turned 26.  I also found out that we were expecting another baby.  Once again, I had strong sense that I would be having a DAUGHTER and this time around, we had NO boys names - just a girls name!!  I was also working on getting my ECE III as the government was tightening up requirements regarding daycare directors.  So I was working at getting some courses in at night.  My sister Mary-Ann and Nelson moved into live with us for a while while they built their house right next door to us!!  I loved having them as neighbours!!

1985:  Once again, God gave us the delights of our hearts - this time, a daughter.  Ashley Marie came early as well.  She arrived half an hour after I got to the hospital!  I had just finished a course at RRC and she came shortly after - so I was able to put the courses on hold for a while!  Joshua was thrilled with getting a sister. I turned 27 this year!

1986 - this is the year I turned 28.  My parents resigned from the daycare - and I moved up from Assistant Director to Director, along with my sister-in-law Ruth as the assistant dir.  Both of the kids came to the daycare with me.  This is also the year - that Alvin began on the City of Winnipeg Fire Department!  He started in Sept, and graduated in November, the night of a snowstorm!!
He graduated at the top of his class!!  We were so surprised about that!!  Alvin and I started as deacons this year.  My dad and mom came and blessed us in this capacity!

1987 - 29 years old this year!!  We worked in the city and also attended church in the city.  Joshua began kindergarten this fall - and he went to school every other day - full days.
I continued to study - and at some points I had a couple correspondence courses going PLUS was taking some courses at Red River and also a couple at U of M.  It was a full time of my life!

1988 - the year Alvin and I both turned 30 and also had our 10th anniversary!  To celebrate our anniversary we went overnight to the Fort Garry Hotel! I was getting close to achieving my ECE III ...
it was a very crazy time of life - with kids and trying to get my designation for ECE.  I had until the next year.

The eighties were a time of big hair - lets see - it involved bad perms, some hair colouring, a lot of hair product and then there was stirrup pants, and panda sweatshirts and tights ...
What can I say - apparently I must have thought I was a babe!!  lol   The panda motif was prevalent in the 80's as Winnipeg Zoo hosted the panda's ... and it was literally panda mania!

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