Sunday, April 12


Today was Easter. The first Easter in my life that I didn't attend church. Instead I sang praise songs along with christian radio station, and then I decided to watch the DVD (The Gospel According to Matthew) which covered Jesus life, from Matthew chapter 15, until the crucifixion, resurrection and his command to his disciples (and us) to go into all the nations...

So I did "church" in a new way this morning. In a new way I again was reacquainted with the story of the Crucifixion - the greatest story of grace!!
And the amazing story of Jesus rising again!! HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED!

Later I went into the city to eat together with the Klassen side, and then go and visit Mom K. in hospital. Then, I started home - alone, me and my thoughts.
While it has been a pretty okay day, it is not without its sadness for our family.
That doesn't even have to be stated... it is just the reality of our lives.

So it was, that as I drove home - my thoughts seemed to be as many as the drops of rain that my wipers tried to keep cleared away!

And then it was, that I wondered...
God knows our brokenness. He knows our sadness. King David wrote something (I think it was him) about God collecting our tears in a bottle!
Perhaps (I thought) - just perhaps the rain drops are tears that are falling from the face of God!
Okay, I know what you are thinking - where would I get this from?!
Yes, it is likely far fetched, but what if??

This thought actually brought me some comfort. You see, I believe that Jesus weeps with us. I have just finished a book that focused on Lazarus being raised from the dead. And there is the verse - short but profound - JESUS WEPT.

I have realized the reality of tears wept - the feel of eyes that have cried for hours - the feel of tears that roll down the cheeks and neck - the telltale streaks left on cheeks. I have realized that tears came when we thought we had none left. I have realized that tears still come freely and often when we least expect it. I have also realized that when friends wept with us, it brought us comfort. The tears wept with us validated our grief, and still does.

I have also realized that as Jesus wept over his good friend Lazarus - I believe he weeps and has wept with us...
So, today when the thought came, about perhaps the rain being tears falling from heaven... like I said, silly as it may sound to imagine this.... the thought brought me a sense of comfort.

Sometimes we can imagine. Regardless of whether the rain were falling salty tears, or actually just the accumulation of condensation in the clouds that falls when they get too heavy - the rain was healing!

Reminds me of a Michael W. Smith song called Healing Rain. I came across this CD when a friend's wife died. It goes like this:

Healing rain is coming down
It's coming nearer to this old town
Rich and poor, weak and strong
It's bringing mercy, it won't be long

Healing rain is coming down
It's coming closer to the lost and found
Tears of joy, and tears of shame
Are washed forever in Jesus' name

Healing rain, it comes with fire
So let it fall and take us higher
Healing rain, I'm not afraid
To be washed in Heaven's rain

Lift your heads, let us return
To the mercy seat where time began
And in your eyes, I see the pain
Come soak this dry heart with healing rain

And only You, the Son of man
Can take a leper and let him stand
So lift your hands, they can be held
By someone greater, the great I Am

Healing rain, it comes with fire
So let it fall and take us higher
Healing rain, I'm not afraid
To be washed in Heaven's rain

To be washed in Heaven's rain...

Healing rain is falling down
Healing rain is falling down
I'm not afraid
I'm not afraid...

Oh dear sweet Jesus - my Lord - I am not afraid. Come and soak this dry heart and the hearts of my family - with your healing rain.
I lift my hands - to you Jesus, the great I am!
Hold me - Alvin, Josh and Leah, Ashley and Michael - Mom K...
Hold us, and rain on us - Healing Rain.
O Lord, hear my prayer.

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