Friday, April 3

there is no such thing as trying.... you either DO or you DON'T

I realize I am pathetic! When I began my leave, I was going to do something...
1) get up early to exercise and 2)get up early to have my QT with my Jesus.

Well.... I am in my last month of my leave, and I will be the first to admit (if I didn't my husband would admit it for me!) that I have not done what I wanted to do.

The other day, he got home from working a night. He ran up to give me a kiss hello and laughed and said "Whatever happened to getting up early" to which I replied "I can't"

Someone tried to tell me that it's okay not to get up... maybe my pattern should be a different time of the day. Thing is I think I WANT to be an early person. And, some days it works, some days it doesn't... but I have not been consistent!

The other day, I saw a sign (I think it was on a church, but I can't remember?) It said, there is no such thing as TRYING. I would really have to admit that is so right. I have tried to do many things. Then there is the times that I just DO them.
And I succeed. I remember someone using the saying "trying is lying".... hmmm... leaves no room for any other comment!!

So, tonight I am going to go to bed. I hope that from here on it, I can get up, and do my time with the Lord, and my time for exercise. I am so tired of wanting to and NOT... so here goes....

I am not trying to be rule bound.... I just want to do what is so important to me - my spiritual and my physical part of my being... so I am going to quite saying that I am trying, and see if I can just DO IT!!

Sure, go ahead.... keep me accountable. I dare you! :)

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