Thursday, January 21

Happy Birthday to my firstborn Son ~ Joshua Gerald

This is one of the most beautiful sights we see these days!

Josh and Michael while playing a game at the cottage. Note Josh's mohawk do!

This picture was taken at about 10-11 months of age.
His shirt says I LOVE MOMMY. (okay, sure I bought it for him!)

I think there is a strong resemblance when you see this picture of Josh,
and compare it to little Ev.

Another year has past somehow. Is it me, or does time just fly by when you get older? Today is January 21st. It is my son Joshua Gerald's birthday. Today he turns 28. While we are not celebrating together as a family until Saturday night - I will drop off a cake today for him and Leah to enjoy. He gave me 3 options for a birthday cake - so this way, I can at least do two of them. Today, I will bring a Grasshopper Dessert Cake. (and hey, that is one way to also see my little grandson!) This Granny has it figured out!

Today ~ I look at my son, grown up and I am so terribly proud. Proud of who he is and what he has become and what he has done in life. But mostly I am proud that as he grew up, he remained true to who God created him to be - and allowed gifts, talents to grow with him. I am proud of who he is as a husband to Leah. Together they are an amazing team. I am proud of who he is as a daddy to two sons, our little Jay and our little Everett. I watch him as he snuggles into little Everett's cheek and gives him kisses. I am so so glad that with little Everett's birth, Josh has been given the joy of listening to his little baby gurgles, and to watch him change a diaper with seeming ease. I am proud of how Josh just loves his sister and brother-in-law, and how Josh and his dad are pretty much two peas in a pod at times. I am also very blessed at how my son is kind, gentle, loving with me, his mom... no matter who is around. I also love how Josh has always been there for his sister. Always. (or maybe I should ask Ash to confirm this!! ) And now is a big brother in law to Michael. Who Josh is when you see him - is really WHO he is. Authentic. I love that.
I remember when I found out I was expecting. We were sooooo eXcited! I remember the first little flutter feeling, and hearing his heartbeat for the first time. I also remember the joy that followed the labor and delivery! Seeing our little one - and asking if he had all ten fingers and ten toes. I remember as he grew, and started to walk before he was one. I remember the way he rode the little wooden rocking horse, standing it on end! (like popping a wheelie with a bike, but this was with his little glider rocking horse). I remember so much - even the times he got into a little trouble now and then. There were cold hockey arenas, MBCI choir performances, award ceremonies. There were fundraising efforts, and tournaments. There was Sunday School, youth group and friends, friends and more friends. We hosted sleepovers, and campfires. I remember the first car he bought from auntie Corinna, and the first horse we bought and he rode. I remember when he would struggle to carry 4 - 4gallon pails of feed (two in each hand) just like Alvin did. (and so he wouldn't have to make so many trips!) I remember school bus rides, migraine headaches and pushing his dirtbike to get it started. (only to be left with exhaust black junk on the front of me!) I remember praying with him in the airport on his first alone trip to Banff to go snowboarding with Gordon.

I remember his questions about God, and faith in general. About sex. (which all came out of a discussion at the UofM sports camps, which he then asked me to explain). I remember when he came home and told me about a "girl" he met at camp. (Leah we love you so much). There is so much... and I have been privy to alot of it - and witnessed much first hand. I prayed for a son first, so if we had a girl (which God granted us next) that she would have a big brother! As a mom, I have been so blessed over and over and over again. SO BLESSED! How I thank God for blessing us with children.

I came across a little book that I wrote some of the quotes that I heard from Josh. A couple of them made me really laugh!
May, 1984 - 2 years old, 5 months: Upstairs in our bedroom was the setting. Joshua ran to the full length mirror and looked at it and said, "Glad to meet you" (to himself in the mirror). He then ran back and sat on the bed. He was talking to himself and said "Mommy's a woman. I'm going to tell her." He ran over to me and said, "Mommy you're a woman." I kissed him and left some lipstick marks on each cheek. He looked in the mirror again and said, "Oh, I'm so embarassed!"
June 1984 - 2 and a half: Josh was at Grandma K's in the backyard sitting and watching the bees around Grandpa's beeboxes. Earlier Grandma had called Josh her "honey" to which he had told Grandma that he was not her honey, he was Mommy's honey. Later, while sitting watching the bees, he rolled up his pantleg and told Grandma that "I'm letting the bees see my honey."
I think now he is Leah's honey first - but will always be "this mom's honey" too. Joshua you make me laUgh. You also allow me to cry with you. You give me strength verbally through your encourgament and through your prayers on my behalf. You are a young man with wisdom beyond your years. You've helped me process alot of decisions. Your experiences have been a hard teacher. You allow me to love you with all I have, and you love in return. I know that not all mom's are so blessed with son's who actually want to be around them, and love them. I will never take that for granted.

With the words from Robert Munch's favorite book, I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER...

"I'll love you forever. I'll love you for always.
As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be!"

Happy Birthday to my first born baby who is now my grown up son!
Joshua Gerald Klassen
I love you Son
- mom

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