Wednesday, January 20

phYsical time

(okay, I want to preface this post. It's about weight. MY weight. The weight that I have been talking about for a very l-o-n-g time. I have chosen NOT allow the scale to become an "idol" but instead to help me gauge how I am doing in the journey toward becoming a healthier me! So, I will weigh in weekly - once a week that is. WHY bother? Because I want to feel better, live healthier and be around for a long time to come. Because I want to be able to get down on the floor with my grandson and grandkids to come in the future. I do it NOT in my strength but can only do it in HIS strength. Thank you Lord. It will certainly be a journey... I figure it will be a tough go - but with YOU I can.)

So - now if you still want to read something I have written on my journey with weight - go for it!
Even grab a cup of coffee BUT leave the donut alone!

Today was a great day. I got up early - made lunches for Alvin to take for him and Michael while they worked - and then began doing my dvd "Sweatin to the Spirit" (which is basically an aerobics/dance dvd to "praise and worship" music!) Then I headed into EYE OPENER for a nice long breakfast with my friend Jennifer. It was a nice morning and we got to talk over a few cups of coffee and some breakfast. I have to admit - hers looked much more exciting than mine. (banana caramel french toast vs my scrambled eggs with tomatoes, some hash browns and a piece of dry rye). It was a great visit. I hope I listened to her as much as she listened to me. Sometimes I feel like I talk too much. :(

Then, off to the next stop, that being my doctor's office for my annual phYsical. No surprises really - just confirmation of the truth that I already know:
  • gotta get rid of at least 50 lbs (would like to get rid of 68 actually and NO I WILL NOT BE A RAIL!!)
  • the constant ringing in my ear could be a result of getting older, and often ringing preceeds loss of hearing (I went to the audiologist and got a little more subtle encouraging info)
  • I don't need an annual pap test since I no longer have any of the parts in question. (I actually wish I would have done that sooner ~ the hysterectomy I mean) HOWEVER - if you are reading this, and have your "parts" please do the right thing and get an annual pap test!
  • keep exercising as it will make my fibromyalgia more manageable (very true)
  • my blood pressure is good (good news)
  • have a build up of wax in my ears! (after telling my daughter that I never have wax issues - ever) This was new to me!
  • have high chlosteral (spelling?) which will change as I lose weight and eat better and exercise (didn't like hearing its high)
  • have to do a fast and get my blood sugar tested, and other lab work (diabetes runs in the family)
  • mammogram - I booked it first thing this morning with the "mobile" testing which is in Oakbank. Have gotten mammograms on a regular basis since my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in 95.
So, I walked out of the doctor's office with the precious little bottle (for you know what) and a promise to return for lab work after fasting. (Maybe I will do this tomorrow since I have to go in anyway)

The physical was something I do yearly. There is just too much in my family history that puts me at risk. This is also why after so many years - why I need to finally get this weight off! (new motto - With God I can in 2010! (can pronouced as ken instead of can rhymes with ten!) :)

I have already sucked it up, and returned to the Center for Natural Medicine where Leyla is - who is with the First Line Therapy plan as the lifestyle coach ( this plan is basically cutting out the white stuff!) I weighed back in on the 12th! (darn, I was up some lbs after 6 weeks of not checking in!) and so after recommitting to the better way of eating (again) I am very proud that I am "back on the wagon" so to speak and doing well. It seems that my attitude is always much better when I am eating right and exercising. Ask Alvin, he can always tell when I am "off" the flour and sugar! A positive side effect is that when I cut our the white flour and sugar - my FM pain is less... that in itself should be the motivator.

I checked in on Monday, as she can no longer take patients on Wed. And after 5 days - I was down 3 lbs. (losing some of what I gained in those 6 weeks off!). But the best thing is that Leyla had me make some goals for this week: Tuesday till next Monday weigh in. (And she wrote them down to keep me accountable weekly!)

Here is what they are:
  1. plan ahead (write the food choices down before I eat) - and keep track of what I am going to eat on my sheets, to make sure I get the right foods/servings in (2-4 servings of protein, 1 grain, 1 dairy, 1 nuts/seeds, 1 legumes, 4 fats, 2 fruits, 1 cat. 2 veg and unlimited cat. 1 veggies aka salads!!)
  2. plan a week menu and stick to it
  3. exercise a min of 4 hours a week (intentional exercise time)
  4. drink my water
  5. positive self-talk (this sounds simple but how often I can get into a downer on myself!)
  6. get a dayplanner and schedule my exercise in - so that regardless it is being done
So, I left the clinic and went and bought the day planner (with each hour printed in on the page) - and printed off some daily food trackers, and have worked at putting together a menu and went shopping for the right foods (mainly making sure I have lots of veggies and fruit) I love water and so that is my main drink (okay, I love coffee too). I have pulled out the many different dvd's I have to exercise too, as well as my weights, etc. I have a ring of scripture verses and pictures (I made some wallet size) to help me stay encouraged.

I have been getting up early - and once Alvin goes out the door - I do my work out - and then my Quiet Time with the Lord. THAT... my QT is my lifeline! I could not do this without my Lord. He is certainly my sTrengTh. I do struggle as to why I keep giving this "stronghold" to him only to keep struggling daily. I think it is about "surrender"... about laying my stuff down daily, at the foot of the cross! DAILY! I have come to see how GOOD I feel when I exercise, and eat right.I have come to see how amazing I feel when I spend time with the Lord at the first part of my day! I gotta tell you, that hour or so with God is so sweet.

Knowing that this on again, off again pattern has been "mine" for a great number of years - sometimes it is easy to just throw my hands up in the air. BUT as Leyla reminded me as we talked about Everett - she said that for sure I want to be around to be there for my grandkids and kids! AND I DO!!

So - she made me set those goals. Today is WEEK 2, DAY 2 and it has been good. I weigh in again next Monday at 11:30.

Now, with my Physical behind me - I have confidence that next year the numbers on the scale will be much different! "With God I can, in 2010"


Jennifer said...

Joy, it was SO good to talk with you yesterday, and no, you did NOT talk too much!! And anyway, you always have so many words of wisdom, so I love to listen to you! ;o)
Sorry to eat that sinfully delicious breakfast in front of you! I should not have been eating it either! Especially because I will definitely be craving that now that I've tried it. Anyway,I love that you are making choices to live a healthy lifestyle...and it's so sweet that Everett is your motiviation! I was just talking to Dr. Kevin about the Neurocleanse detox...that has weight loss benefits, especially when combined with a healthy diet and exercise (in case he has never talked to you about it). Anyway, keep at sounds like you are doing everything right! I will have to follow your example (no more banana cream caramel french toast for me!)

Take care!!

amy edwards said...

I love your blog! And yes you can in 2010!! :) We'll do it together!