Monday, March 15

The brunette in the taxi and my teachable moment!

Today I drove into the parking lot - carefully scanning to see if there was an empty spot to pull into. I wasn't in a rush, but I was looking forward to my first cup of coffee for the day ~ from my favorite coffee spot! (ya, you know ... Mountain Bean)

It was about 11:00 am or so. The lot was full! Seeing a spot, I manoeuvred my car in, and put it in park. I was already tasting it! The girls that work at Mountain Bean know what I order - the largest take out cup of Medium Roast coffee - black, fresh, bold... ahhh, so good.

I got out of my car, shut the door. It was at that point that I noticed her getting out of a yellow taxi. A number of things caught me off guard when I saw her. First of all - my parking spot was right close to the Liquor Commission. I am not sure when it opened, but I do know that it must have been pretty empty in the LC because that was the only empty part of the whole parking lot.

When our eyes met, she smiled at me. She also seemed to be eager to get her favorite drink too. Thing is - our drinks were very different. It was almost as if she sensed my eagerness. Her smile seemed to be one that said "Oh, you are coming here too?" until I veered right... down the sidewalk and into Mountain Bean, as she went straight through the automatic doors, into the Liquor Commission.

And then it struck me. It was 11 am. AND she came by taxicab! My heart felt sad.
I think her smile to me perhaps was because she thought I was also heading into the same place she was. I think she thought we had a common interest. And all I could think was that...
IT IS 11 AM and you had to come so badly that you paid for a CAB in order to get here.
I wished she WAS coming to Mountain Bean instead. It certainly would have been a cheaper purchase!

This really hit me. And still does.
I can still see her. And I feel sad for her.

Of course I don't know her. I don't know what she bought. I don't know how much she spent. I don't know why she had to get there so early nor do I know why she had to have it so bad that she paid a taxi to bring her. It couldn't have been a cheap trip.

Believe me, I am not writing this to cast judgment. I am just thinking this through. Jesus said, he/she who is without sin should cast the first stone! I am not planning to cast any stones. I am just writing this to process my thoughts on it. And really, what struck me is the intent of the trip and the addiction that fueled this trip.

And that was where God seemed to use this as a teachable moment for me - to help me realize that well, it isn't that different than me driving to a store for a chocolate bar fix, or searching like a mad woman through my cupboards for something chocolate and sweet! (yes, sadly I have been known to do both! Although.... I am doing it LESS these days as I am trying to make my health a priority finally!) And really, whether it is going by taxi to the LC mid morning, or turning to chocolate when I am emotional ~ the bottom line is that any time we/I seek something OTHER THAN GOD to fill the emptiness ~ it is just plain wrong. (Somehow I am a very slow learner!)

God used this smiling brunette to speak into my heart.

Yes, I wonder who she is - I wonder where she went after - I wonder how much she drank, or is still drinking now.

I wonder what it is that she is needing "sedation" for in her life. And I hope that she too will realize her need for Jesus, and that she will realize that only Jesus can fill the emptiness that she feels. As much as we are different - God used her to speak to me.

And, I am thankful.

I once heard that whatever we give our hearts to becomes our god (with a small "g"). I have given my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and HE alone is to be GOD of my life. (with a capital "G")

He supplies grace. He meets every need. He just wants us to turn to Him for all we need!
Thank you Lord.


Anonymous said...

Joy your post made me think about my own "fixes." thanks for sharing your thought process, may your fix be Jesus today!
love, Phoebe

Anonymous said...

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