Tuesday, March 30

reflection during the first service.....

Last Sunday I decided to attend both worship services at McIvor. The sermon was based on the story in Mark's gospel about the lavish love that the woman "wasted" on Jesus... breaking the alabaster bottle of expensive nard on the head of Jesus. Anointing him for burial. Only the other's didn't get it that way. They were indignant... what she had "wasted" (in their eyes) was worth a years wages for a laborer. Imagine. And there she goes, not just using a couple drops, but breaking the whole bottle and anointing Jesus with it. Didn't she know that this money she was "wasting" (in using up the perfume on Jesus) could be used to do other things like for instance feed the poor or something? Jesus speaks into their thoughts... and really, he tells them (my paraphrase) that they didn't get it, that she was doing something beautiful, preparing him for burial, and she would be remembered for this act - for forever!

I wrote in my notes... "what does my alabaster jar look like?" if I were to "waste" it on my Lord!
I read a really good book called "Wasted on Jesus". So often we thinks that "wasting" things are bad, but in this story - She did a beautiful thing by expressing her devotion to Jesus!

Well, I had just taken down the first 5 points of the sermon when all of a sudden, the thoughts just came tumbling out and onto a spare offering envelope which I had opened up so that I had more writing space! Perhaps I was just still thinking of the kids that went through the sanctuary waving palm branches during on of our worship songs...
Here were my thoughts. (and it was okay I figure to zone out of the sermon at this point, since I knew I would be hearing it again during the second service!)


the day began no differently than any other day

yet the streets were lined with people and coats upon the path did lay.

The donkey proud as a donkey could be

as he carried his passenger down the street.


The kids waved palm branches and the people they did cheer

there was no kind of protest, no sound of verbal jeers

it seemed each one along the way

recognized Jesus Christ as King that day.


What would I have done, or said or thought

Would I have thrown down my coat, or brought

my own palm branches to wave with joy


As Jesus rode what were his thoughts?

He knew the path that He must take

Amid the cheers ~ HOSANNA! KING!

Only HE knew what the week would bring.


Not even seven days later the palms would all be dead,

and all the praises people said ~

would all be past ~ forgotten cheers.

And soon he would be the object of scorn and jeers.


Jesus ~ He knew the path ahead

"Father if it's your will let this cup pass" he said


But God chose not ~ and gave His Son

To die for me! The guilty one!

His blood was shed for all my sin ~

So I by faith in Him ~ could "new life" begin.


I don't know what I would have done

I imagine standing with Mary gazing up at her son,

seeing His blood flow down from head to toe

As people wept, little did they know

That this was all a necessary plan,

Redeeming love for each child, woman and man.


He yelled "IT IS FINISHED"

He hung his head

It was done.

The Lord was dead.


Those at the cross thought this was the end

With his death - their lost their son, leader and friend

The sky grew dark, the earth did sHAKe

the temple veil tore

from top to bottom.

And they wept, not knowing there was far more

to come


Wrapped and laid in a brand new tomb,

Jesus body lay guarded by two cherubims

And on the 3rd day He rose with the keys of death in his hand

And later surprised his disciples by showing him his hands

to prove it was him -

He was alive having conquered death, hell and the grave

In order that we might all be saved


Jesus lived

He died

He rose again

Claimed victory over death ~ how could it be?

that He has so much love for me!

With His death ~ paid for our sin

And here I am ~ forever FORGIVEN!


written by me, Joy Klassen

during the first service

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back to the alabaster jar of nard that she "wasted" on Jesus...
It was not a waste! How could they have even thought that? They just didn't get it. Anything we sacrifice for Jesus ~ our time, our talents, our efforts, our finances, it doesn't matter what it is... whatever we do for Jesus, our sacrifice or our broken alabaster jars of nard ~ our sacrifices are never ever a waste!

O Jesus.... as we walk through this HOLY WEEK toward Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, help me to waste myself on YOU O LORD!! I want to be "wasted on Jesus!"

To do anything for the cause of Christ, believe me, this sacrifice is never, never, n-e-v-e-r wasted.

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