Monday, March 8

Don't tell me that God is not in the details!

Someone once told me that they did not believe that God cared less about the small details about our lives. To which I replied that I disagreed. You see there has been too much in my life to prove to me that God IS a God interested in the details.

I have been sitting at my fav coffee place - _ou_ta_ n B_a_ (you can fill in the blanks for fun!) I have been here for a few hours - and a big mug of coffee and a Vanilla Bean Latte...
I needed to finish my homework for tonight's Beth Moore Bible Study. And, the last day of week 6 just really impressed me! Here are my thoughts on it.

Today was about the "priestly garments" that Aaron was to wear whenever he went into the Holy of Holies. I learned about the chestpiece, the ephod, the turban... and the fact that he had to wear these garments. (I am glad that I didn't have to wear anything "priestly" when I was in pastoral ministry.) The thing however that really struck me was that on the hem of the garment of the high priest - there were "gold bells and pomegranates: that were to alternate all around the hem. The pomegranates were out of blue, purple, and scarlet yarn, and attached to the hem with gold bells in between them. (check it our for yourself at Exodus 28: 33-35)

Aaron was to wear this robe whenever he ministered before the Lord. Listen to this though - why the bells? Because the bells would "tinkle as he goes in and out fo the LORD's presence in the Holy Place. If he wears it, he will not die." NLT Phew.... think of that - if he wears it - he will not die. And the bells signal his presence before the Lord!!

(okay, I hope this isn't sacreligious but I remember when Josh was a little boy - he wore the traditional "baby boots" that all kids wore (there was nothing cute about them) and on them I put bells on the laces. I always knew where he was and if the tinkling stopped I needed to go and look for him!)

So there were a few things that came out of this - and it has to do with the importance for Aaron to dress in this way EVERY time he entered the tabernacle. Afterall, really, WHO WANTED TO DIE? On his turban was a gold place that had the inscription HOLY TO THE LORD which was a reminded that Israel had been called out to purity!

Beth says in the manual, page 133 "What a holy God He is! And how flippantly we often confront the words "Be holy, because I am the LORD your GOD" (Lev. 20:7) My heart stands convicted when considering that I could dress in all of the holy robes designed by a divinely-inspired seamstress yet underneath would remain a sin-prone woman in desperate need of grace." Oh man - can you relate to that!! I sure can!! How easily we try to cover up who we are - but God sees the inside. O Lord, thank you for your grace and mercy!

Beth ends with some thoughts on God being a God of detail, not of generality. A God of individuality. And then this quote just impressed my heart in a big way: "Do not let Satan convince you that God is not actively involved in the intricate design of your life. God has not missed a single stitch or left a stone unturned on your behalf; furthermore, His activity in the details of your life most often displays His glory and beauty." (page 133 of the manual: A Woman's Heart, God's dwelling place)

I believe God is in the details. The details which involve timing. (which is a huge thing that I have learned over and over and over again lately). I believe God loves to hear us come to him and talk with him about our lives. I believe He loves to hear us tell him our thoughts - even as He knows them anyway. There is something about expressing them out loud (or in my print in my journal!) I want to tell you one of my detail stories: Ashley was going with Mennonite Children's Choir to a tour in South Africa in 1998. She needed a bathing suit, and well - let's just say, finding the right one was never easy. Before we left home we prayed - and I asked the Lord if he would help us find a bathing suit for $50 or less, and one that she liked. Off we went. We went to Sears, and found one, and she liked it. It had a striped upper, and a dark blue bottom. But - since it was the first place we decided to look around. It was also $49.99 so then I was asking the Lord - "Lord, does the $50 mean with tax or before taxes?" Anyhow... the weeks went along and we found nothing else. We went back to Sears and wouldn't you know it - the bathing suit in her size was gone. We were sad about that. One day a little later, she was at the daycare with me, and came on an errand run to Walmart. She went to look in the girls section, and I was getting the stuff I needed when she came running. In her hand was the exact same bathing suit, in the exact size she needed. When we went to the section, we found that there was only one... on a clearance rack, and okay, get this - it was marked to $24.99 .... it was on sale! With taxes, it was still well under $50. Now don't tell me that God is NOT in the details!

I hope that you (and I both) continue to look to God for each step of our lives! Since fall I have felt like I jumped off the cliff and I am free-falling ... thing is - while I hate heights, and have never jumped off a cliff physically - I am not afraid. I feel exhilerated, sometimes breathless. I feel sure that God is there to catch me, or to give me the "parachute" to use...
Regardless, I know that God is my God and fully in control. I don't get it most the time, but I trust Him for the details.

Lord, give us all strength to follow - one step at a time... and to dance - maybe the "two step" with Him...

Love to you all dear ones!! Don't let Satan convince you that God is not wanting to be actively involved in your life! Dance like noone's watching - to the tune that the Holy Spirit gives you. (after all these years ~ I am learning to dance ~and loving it! Learning to follow the lead dancer is harder than I thought, but I am learning!!

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