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An Open letter to my "baby girl" ... a day after her birthday

My daughter ~ my friend
Florida memories

Michael and Ashley ~ Christmas 2009

Ashley and Josh ~ her first "formal" picture with her big brother

I should have blogged this yesterday, but I didn't. Regardless, it is an open letter to my baby girl - on the celebration of her birthday (March 23rd) and I can't believe that the 25 years have passed so quickly!


My darling daughter ~ Ashley Marie

The one who My made me a mom for the second time, 25 years ago. Where has time gone?
The day you were born, God gave us the desire of our hearts
We prayed for a daughter ~ for a little sister for Josh
As I carried you in my womb those nine months, I had no doubt that you were a baby girl (although toward the end I bought a boy outfit just in case!)
No ultrasounds at that time
But in our hearts we hoped and I believe we knew... you were a girl!
We had no boys names picked out ~ only girls.
Ashley Marie or Ashley Nicole.
We settled on Ashley Marie, and Oma thought you were named after her. (Maria)
That was okay for us to let her think that. (there was no harm in that!)
She was very pleased! And we weren't about to burst any bubbles!

You came into the world on your own time...
Two weeks early. You obviously did not want to be an April baby!
And arriving half an hour after I arrived at the hospital doors!
You even arrived before my doctor did!
And since - you have certainly been setting your own pace,
and sometimes dear daughter,
this mom has had to RUN to keep up to you.

My darling daughter
You sang almost from the time you could talk.
Your "language" of music was in your heart from the time of conception
Only God knew that, but we would find out early enough
And every once in a while, Josh would tell you "ASHLEY QUIT SINGING"
but nothing would ever dampen your music!
Not then...
and certainly not now.
Music was the language of your heart
It bubbled from you then, and continues to bubble out of you now.

Your independent spirit shone forth at an early age.
We wanted to nurture this, not break it
You stood your ground on things ~ which sometimes got you into a little trouble,
but to this day is a quality that you possess
and one that you have learned to temper
I love that you are decisive and that you know what you want (or don't want)

Your love for family was evident from an early age.
You love people. Period.
Sometimes I wondered how long you could keep up the pace with your friends
But you figured that out.
You have a lot of friends.
You have steady, loving and supportive friends.
I thank God for that!

You are also a loving, steady and supportive friend to many ....
You have always been one to forgive easily.
I admire that.
You forgive and seem to forget.
I desire to be like that too!
You stick up for the underdog, and look out for those who need some looking out for!
You are generous...
You utterly love LIFE!!
And you dance!
I love watching you dear daughter as you grow in your love for the Lord.
How that thrills this heart of mine!
There is really no sweeter thing than for a mom to see her children walking with the Lord.

You have walked through some hard stuff.
I have seen your courage
(especially when you had your jaw surgery and wiring for 6 weeks!)
Your boldness ~
Your determination ~
Your loyalty ~
and your strength!

I have watched you grow more and more in love with Jesus
You use your talents and your gifting to the glory and honor of God.

You are willing to let him use you for his glory!
You have a servant heart.
I praise God for you sweet Ashes.

I love watching you as your grow more and more in love with Michael, your husband.
Who would have thought that one day this drummer would be my son in law.
I love how he told me he wanted to marry you because he loved you.
My heart delights at watching the two of you!
God has again answered my prayers on your behalf,
that he would send the right man to love you and you him.
God is good.
I watched you dear one, as you wept over losing Jay, your first born nephew.
I listened with tears rolling down my cheeks
as you sang the song you wrote out of your grief over losing little Jay Benjamin.
And now I laugh as I see you oohing and ahhing over little Everett John
And in the video clips I take, I hear your camera clicking in the background.
Never will a little one be more photographed than Everett
You are a doting Auntie ~ A more loving one I doubt there will ever be.
Everett is well loved,
and one day he will look into your eyes and say I love you Auntie Ashley!
And one day you will be a loving mommy too.
(no pressure really)
I will wait with joy for that time, whenever it is your and Michael's time for that.

I love you sweet one. My Ashley Marie.
nicknamed by dad: Pump, Pumpy, Pumpkin, Pook, Pookie, Ash, Ashes

I see so much of me in you. I also see so much of dad in you.
You are beautiful. OUTSIDE and INSIDE!
And I also see so much of YOU that I admire
We are best friends and yet there is this unique boundary that still makes us mom and daughter and that adds the quality that makes our "friendship" so unique.

You know that you can say anything to me... and I will hold it in confidence.
You know that you can say anything to me... and I will not judge you
You know that whatever you say or do... I am here for you,
walking along side... loving, supporting, praying.
And I know you do the same for me.
Not all moms are so blessed!
I do NOT take this for granted!

My dear sweet Ashley Marie.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made by our God

And with your birth, 25 years ago ~
God has given us the desire of our hearts.

I love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow.
I thank God for you my baby, my daughter who turned 25.
I am not sure where time went - but you will always be my girl!
I love you MORE.....
much, much more than 5!

love Mom

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ashley marie photography said...

I didn't get a chance to read this until today.
but thank you mom! i love you SO much more than 5 too!