Friday, September 23

22 things about Yesterday

22.  It is a good thing that the my husband woke up without the alarm because I had reset the clock for pm not am

21.  It was a working day and even though I had laundry to do, I was glad that I had one pair of underwear left in my drawer (after all my mom always used to say "always wear clean underwear in case you are ever in an accident!)

20.  I went through the drive-thru at McDonalds and got a fresh medium cup of black coffee.  It lasted me right through to my coffee break.  ummmm.... good

19.  I love work and can't thank God enough for the job at Canadian Blood Services.  I am able to take note of people as they come through the line and God often puts some on my heart to pray for.

18.  The women I work with make me smile!  There is usually a good conversation and often a hug or two.

17.  My shift was over at noon today and I still had half a day left!

16.  Sunshine and some blue sky!!  What more can I say.  Hot days ahead on the weekend.

15.  Noticing that the leaves are slowly changing.  I guess yesterday was the first day of fall right?

14.  This morning we noticed alot of geese flying south.  They were still trying to get into formation, and there were many V's within the big formation.  Geese are so interesting.

13.  I had banana bread left over from last night, and I took if for coffee break.  I love banana bread!

12.  This afternoon I met two good friends at Mountain Bean for a cup of coffee and couple hours of conversation.

11.  Exercising at curves ~ it felt good.

10.  Jumped into my car which was full of dirty laundry (neatly arranged in baskets in the back seat) You know what happens with a warm car and laundry ... I was so glad I didn't smell funky when I came out of the car too!

9.  Picked up my man at the firehall and he was waiting for me outside.  I love that guy.

8.  Ate supper with Leah and Everett.  He has some new woods like pizza (which he ate two pieces of) and geese, and moose and happy ...  and many other words.

7.  Got to read to Everett, and sing with him, and hug him, and he gave me a big kiss good-nite as I put him into bed with his blankie and elmo and lovey (his favorite night time stuffy)

6.  Got to see 3 of my 4 kids today and hug them!!

5.  ate ice-cream (a once in a while treat)

4.  felt the coolness of frost on my window in the morning (reminder of what is to come)

3.  did 4 loads of wash ~ nothing better than the freshness of clean clothes.  I am thankful that I have this luxury ... some people don't

2.  heard bluejays cawing

1.  hopped into bed at the end of the day, with my sweetheart - kissed good - nite and prayed myself to sleep.


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