Friday, September 23

Out Walking on the First Day of Fall 2011

Today is such a beeeee-uuuu-tiiii-full day!!  
Absolutely beautiful.  
The sky is blue with a smattering of white cloud.  
The Blue jays are calling and flitting from tree to tree.  
The squirrels are running to and fro, I presume they are gathering acorns for winter.  
The colors are turning.  
Leaves are falling with the slight breeze.  
The corn is standing straight in the fields.  
People are driving past me, and I wonder where they are going on this wonderful day.  
I left home with my little camera in hand... and captured some moments.  
This is the first day of Fall. 
I love fall.... the colors especially, and the smells.  
I love the sound of the geese flying.  

In the Bible is says ... "To everything there is a season!"
Welcome Fall!!

leaf blowing across the highway

and takes a rest on the shoulder

this bell chimes on Sundays
it belongs to the church below, which is our neighbour  directly to the south of us

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