Monday, September 5

nothing but the sound of the fan and the sunbeams through the window

it is absolutely quiet right now
except for the sound of the ceiling fan
whirling around
it is good
the quietness

today began with the sound of the birds
the distinct caw of the bluejays
the rascals
but they are a gift to me
and their sound
and their beauty takes my breath away

there is alot to do
rug to vacuum
dust to sweep out of corners long neglected
but there is no rush
because it will just begin to collect again
as soon as the mop is put away

i love the quietness
it is a balm for my being
like the sun that shines on me
the quietness shines into my soul
and it is in this time
that i can think
that i can listen
that i can commune with my Lord
that i can pray
that i can just BE.

this day has been a day of blessing
a day that has felt like days gone past
like some of the days when i was in my old home
or the days i lived in the loft near my kids
this day feels reminiscent of those ones
and as i putter around this place
putting away
i am thankful that it feels good

in the midst of this day
i have sat with a good cup of coffee
i have chatted with some of my kids
i have sat and conversed over lunch
i have hugged my boys
and prayed with my son
and i am thankful
that God has given me this day as a gift
and all that has been a part of it

so as the fan whirls
and the sun shines
as the bluejay caws
and the wind blows through the trees

i.    am.    thankful.

very very thankful.
thank you Lord

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