Wednesday, September 7

creation speaks without saying a word

behind every cloud there IS a silver lining!

coming home from Selkirk one night,
we caught these pics of the sun setting.
the sun's reflection was on the silo ~ although my little camera didn't capture that real well
but it was beautiful to see the reflection as the sun set

one of the storms that came and went quickly through the city
this was captured from the balcony of the condo

such beautiful flowers

these pics are all taken at the cottage (this one and the next ones)
the extreme dry weather has made everything look like fall already!
leaves are drying up and dying prematurely
although fall is right around the corner!

Creation speaks through its beauty
It reflects the glory of the Creator!
Our God is an Awesome God!


Jeannette said...

Beautiful pictures. You are so right about creation.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful.... Tana