Saturday, September 24

Lucille ~ an unexpected friendship

Over the past year, Alvin and I have gotten to know the sweetest lady, our neighbor across the street from us (where we are building on Henderson Hwy).  Last year, in October, we went over with flowers, and shared a glass of wine with her - on her 90th birthday.  This year, she is turning 91 but you would hardly know it.  Except that is, for the fact that her knee replacements have slowed down her walking, and her arthritis has made getting dressed harder for her.

The other day, we went to visit her.  She has home care that comes to help her dress in the morning, and then again to get ready for bed at night.  Thing is, they come quite early in the evening.  Much too early for her to be in her nightgown, but what do you do when you need help?

Alvin and I had just come over to visit with her when her home care worker pulled into the driveway.  I said that I would gladly help her get ready for bed later, and so with that, the home care worker left. We visited outside for a couple of hours and then decided we would have to get going.  So in I went with Lucille.  It was not the first time I helped her in her house, although I had never helped her get ready for bed before.

It didn't take too long, but I did help her undress, and before getting on her nightshirt, she asked if I could put some stuff on her sore and aching shoulders and arms.  I gladly did this.  After getting her nightie on, she said "sometimes I rub my feet with something but they can wait until tomorrow."  I told her I would gladly rub her feet and she was so happy that I was willing.  So, there I was, kneeling at her feet, and rubbing Watkins "greena smear" as Mom Klassen used to call it ... it actually smells like Vicks, but I use it on my feet too!

It was a humbling experience for me.  And no doubt for her.  It was a teachable moment for me too.  You know, sitting at the feet of someone, and doing something like that, makes you both thankful, and grateful.  Thankful that you are able to help someone out.  Grateful that God allows such moments in our lives, to see how he wants us to be like him - servant hearted.  Loving others as he loves us.

When I was done, I asked her if there was anything else she needed, and she said no.  SO, I said, "well is it okay if I give you a hug then?" And I hugged her.  To which she promptly replied, and I will give you one more, to which she gave me a hug and kiss.  It was at that moment, that I realized she had entered my world, and I had entered hers, and a bond was struck.

Since then, we have been added onto her life line as contacts.  She has also called us, just to see how we are, and vice versa.  Today I called to see if I could go over for a visit.  I realize she is like a grandma to me.  Having lost my mom and mom-in-law, I appreciate the fact that there are older and wise women in my life still.  Lucille is very "with it" and we have had some nice talks over a cup of instant coffee!

Today as I left, I again asked if there was anything she needed before I went, to which she said no.
So, before I left, I once again, gave her a hug, and she once again, gave me a hug and kiss.
And as I left - I walked away "blessed" by this woman, who unwittingly came into our lives when we bought the land!  God knew that this special friendship would happen.  The thing is ... her house has been sold, and she is looking for a place to go into.  She is sad to go just when she has "new neighbors" (us) but I have a feeling, no matter where she goes, I will always be welcome to visit, to talk over instant coffee and to leave with a hug and kiss.

It is my prayer that as we both enjoy conversation, friendship and fellowship ~ that God would bless our friendship and use me in whatever way He sees fit. And, if you are one who believes in the power of prayer, please pray along with me, that something will open up in a home.  She would love to go into a home where she can still live independently but with the option of help if needed.  I am praying that a place will open soon for her, as she has to be out of her home by the 1st of December since it has been sold.  Thanks for praying for my sweet friend Lucille.


ashleymarie said...

I'm so glad you've been able to be there for her, and vice versa! :)

Leah said...

What a beautiful, unexpected relationship! The other day I was thinking about how I don't really collect stamps or what have you...then it struck me, I collect people in my life! Mom, I think your collection of friends is such a good one! It even includes a 91 year old!