Monday, September 14

Shaken ~ Stirred and left without words!

Today I sit here at my computer. Up at 7, in the tub with a coffee and a book - it is a new day. And oh what a weekend it has been!

Yesterday is but a whirlwind of memories! Alvin and I began our day back at our church for a "thank you party" in my honor. Last night, I told Alvin that it was as close to your own funeral as possible... and what I meant is, USUALLY it is only when one dies that you hear such accolades about a person being spoken! Well, I haven't died - but was totally overwhelmed with what people said about me. Overwhelmed. (Oh Lord - all of this is only to give you praise and honor and glory - as it is only through your grace that I live, move, and have my being. )

Seven years of ministry - and so much blessing. So much! Lisa, Marilyn and Karis put the morning together. Our young care group sang one of my favorite songs! I sang with tears rolling. I listened as woman upon woman came up and totally blessed me! What a joy to be working in and among such amazing people of God! Gerald, whom I worked side by side with - also blessed and affirmed my ministry. It was a beautiful morning - so much thought was put into the event by the three women (dear sweet sisters) and at the end I was blessed with beautiful pottery that will be packed up and used in the retreat center! As well - I received about $400 dollars for the retreat ministry, but then got another cheque for Women Refreshed at the Well after the service. Oh what an affirmation!

Then we went to our extended family (the Thiessen's) for lunch - impromtu but delicious, and the fellowship with Elmer, Jeannette and their kids which include our Ash and Mike - is always so fun. And then - onto our land for the COME AND GO ~ WALK AND PRAY.

Before we were even done setting up - the cars began arriving - and people came, and prayed and sat around a campfire - and stood around - and had refreshments and just totally blessed us, the land, and the ministry!! Friends - family - and new friends as well whom we had never met before! It was such a wonderful time of fellowship!

At one point, a thick envelope was given to Alvin, and he hid it in the truck. Later, when we were on our way into the city for our "staff" party/bbq - Alvin said there was an envelope for me. I opened it and wept. There in mostly $20 dollar bills - I counted $1000.

We went to the bbq - and enjoyed fellowship there, and then went home - exhausted from a non-stop day of blessing!! And, for once - we have hardly any words to express the overflow of our hearts! Perhaps the words I heard someone else say the other day - express our hearts! We have been shaken up and stirred!!

Thank you - those of you who came and prayed.
Thank you - those of you who could NOT come physically but prayed.
Thank you - those of you who will continue to pray!!

Thank you - those of you who believe in us, our walk with God, and our call to this ministry that HE has entrusted to us.

There are hardly ANY words!! We are shaken and stirred!
Speechless -
Lord - we give you all the honor, the glory - the praise!!
Thank you Lord.

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