Saturday, September 12


To purge or not to purge! And when I say this, I mean to "de-junk" and clean-up and bring order to my home! It is a L-O-N-G time coming! A few years ago (2006) when I was going to have my hysterectomy, I mentioned to Josh that I wanted to clean up the house (purge/dejunk)in case anything happened to me! (I had literally just been through a near-death experience in the hospital, and well, I guess I just was thinking I wanted my house to be in order.) WELL - it didn't happen then, but Josh made me laugh when he said, "MOM, it's okay. If something happened we would just get someone to haul the junk away, but tell me where the books with the money hidden in them are!" (no, there is no money in the books, no money in the bank, no money!!)

Anyhow fast forward to now - 2009. Slightly over three years later - and finally, FINALLY it is happening. Still no books with money in them!! Somethings never change! (smile)

I don't find it much fun to do this by myself - and usually Alvin and I are working on it, or Alvin and Michael (did the outside sheds) or Alvin, Josh and Michael - did some fix up on the house etc. Ash and I have worked a couple days now - at purging the house of the stuff. Stuff!! Okay honestly - you know what I found (and promptly threw out?) The bows off the floral arrangements that I got when Josh was born!! Why would I save something like that? Ash and I had a groan over that one!!

Today Ashley came out for the afternoon. She had worked last night, so had the afternoon off in lieu ... and bless her heart, she came out to help me!! At that point I had already done a little bit of work around the house - and could hardly wait till she came out. Somehow it is easier for her to throw things out - and so we filled boxes and bags and more boxes and more bags. We stacked things at the front door - so we can just take it out and load. There is stuff for the DUMP run tomorrow morning - and there is stuff for Salvation Army second hand store - and there are boxes of books for Alvin to take to the firehall for the Hospital Book drive. STUFF. STUFF and MORE STUFF!

I thought the picture would be worth a thousand words. So, here I sit - it is after midnite and I am typing this. After Ash and I were done for the day - I went into the city to Costco (to get stuff for our Come and Go at our land on Sunday) and then went to Sobeys (for the things I couldn't get at Costco) and then went to Ash and Mike's for supper. (QUITE YUMMY!) And then came back home.

At one point during my counselling with Mary - I mentioned how I was having trouble with the whole "weight" issue (the same 50+ pounds that have been my struggle for half my life!) I told her that somehow I felt like everything was out of control! There was no order - in my home, with our grief, with my work, with my weight... it just felt messy all over! (I am so thankful that God is okay with "messy!"
Anyhow, Mary said that she thought that once I get some order in my house (I wanted to clean it back in January already!) that she thought there may be a connection to the weight struggle. And I believe she is right! It is cool that I am also bringing some order to the way I am eating, exercising, and just trying to get healthy. Lord, help me never to become proud - ever! It is only in HIS strength that I do any of this!

So, tonight I say, thank you Lord - I feel very content!! I feel stronger in all ways. I feel like I am loving the way "orderliness" looks in my home. I love this dejunking thing, although it is a ton of work!! 26 YEARS OF STUFF!!

Tomorrow Michael is coming out with Alvin in the morning. Josh and Leah are out of town otherwise I think we may have convinced them to come too! Ashley will come out after her course tomorrow. It feels good to have their help. It just feels GOOD!
Tonight I go to bed - yes, my back is sore - but my heart is content and good! Lord, thank you.

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