Monday, September 7

l-o-n-g weekend thots

This weekend, which at this point is quickly coming to a close - was beautiful! While it only included half of my kidlets - since Ash and Mike were away with Michael's family on a camping trip. However, we did get to spend part of the time with Josh and Leah (and baby incognito!). So what did the weekend include?
- I got to help Leah cut out some stuff for kindergarten. That was alot of fun, and we got to talk while we did it.
- I got some time to read some of the books I need to read for my course in Spiritual Direction. The book I finished was called SHATTERED DREAMS and I kept reading excerpts to Alvin, telling him "when I am done with this - you have to read it!"
- I got to go on some walks both with Alvin, with Josh and Leah and also by myself. I love to just drink in God's greatness as I walk. There is a most amazing garden close to our cottage - on Hank's Cove. It is beautiful!
- I got to wade through the slough (ewwwww) in order to get to one of the most amazing beaches in the world!! We went Sat. afternoon with Josh and Leah and it was so beautiful. It felt like being on the beach in a caribbean country AND BONUS - it is only an hour from the city!!
- I got to run into some extended family while we were on the beach! A family reunion and it was good to see Tracey and Jay and their boys, and Amber, and Theresa and her little girl.
- I got to visit with good friends/family: Kim, Kevin, Willy, Betty, Lloyd and Judy.
We went and spent time on Elk Island - including a weenie roast, and then came back for an impromtu left over potluck at our place. The evening ended with a rousing game of buzzword. We let the guys win!! (okay, they beat us!)
- I got to spend time in one of the most quiet settings - and spent it with my man.
How good is that!!

Over the course of the weekend, we heard a few times from our baby... Ash and Michael were having a great time too - so while we missed them - they were having such a good time.

It was hard to believe that the beautiful weekend was the long weekend in SEPT and not July or August. Finally we are getting the summer we have been waiting for. Now, if only the mosquitoes weren't so awful! I am still feeling the effects of now being unemployed - and waiting on God for whatever He has for me - part time.
I am trying not be overwhelmed, but it sneaks up on me once in a while! In the meantime - I have alot of work to be doing here at home, as we purge, purge and purge some more! Which reminds me - I gotta run - need to clean up the kitchen!

O Lord - thank you for this most amazing weekend that you gave to us! Thank you for the beautiful weather - for the blue sky - for the coolness of the lake - for the fellowship of family and good friends. Lord, thank you also for whatever you have for me in the future - help me not to be overwhelmed, as I can do that very easily. Lord - please provide the partime job I feel that you want me to have - I am trusting you on this one! And, in the quiet moments that I have - which are alot now - help me to hear you Lord - and to seek you above everything else. Lord thank you for everything you are doing in our lives, in my life. Lord - to you we give all the praise and the honor and the glory! Amen.

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