Friday, September 18

No white flour ~ No white sugar ~ No dairy! (*sigh*)

Well - today is Friday. Where does time go? I find that the boxes of "to give away" and the bags "to throw away" have consumed my life!! Phew - not done yet, but getting there.

In the midst of this week - on Wednesday - I traveled to the Center for Natural Medicine to see Leyla, who is an amazing and bubbly, encouraging and friendly (not to mention knowledgable) young woman who oversees me in my new way of eating. (First Line Therapy). (eventually I will be able to re-add dairy, but I am still adhering to the plan that Dr. Schrader has put me on - no white flour, no white sugar and no dairy.) As I walk down the stairs with her - we usually do the usual banter - how are you, beautiful day outside type of conversation. I feel like she has become my friend, my confidante. Funny - how does that happen. (does paying $20 for a weekly check-in have anything to do with it - I hardly think so.) What I have noticed is that Leyla takes interest in what I am saying, and is able to pull out the things that should be asked: for instance, we had set some goals (4 to be exact) - how did your week go?

It gave me a chance to talk to her about how I had gone home so encouraged the week before - encouraged to forge ahead - to make wise choices about what to eat (OR NOT). I had a chance to share the weekend with her (my thank-you party, our come and go event on the land, the barbecue with staff, and yes, even the most delicious chocolate cake that Carolyn made for me for the thank-you party!) Okay - you don't have to ask me HOW I knew it was DELICIOUS!!

And then - because I have chosen to get weighed weekly (and to come weekly is my choice too, and I need the accountability) - I walk with her to the room with the big manual doctor-type scale. There is NO fooling yourself with this one. I watch as she slides the little silver thing, trying to find it's balancing point! I am down 4 LBS!! For a total of (drumroll here) 11 LBS. (God, thank you for helping me to stay committed, and for walking me through this!)

WOOHOOO!!!! Yep, I am feeling excited. Okay - most of all however - I am feeling SOOOOO Good!! My fibromyalgia pain is at a minimum. My energy is increased. I have a way more positive attitude. (Ask Alvin about this, as he says my attitude is the way he knows how I am eating!) So - my goal is 68 lbs.... I have lost 11 which means I am 57 lbs away to GOAL. WOOOOHOOOO!! (sorry, I am just so pumped!)

But you know the thing is - back in winter when I talked with my counsellor Mary about how I felt like there was NOTHING in control in my home/my life/my world - we talked about whether the outter chaos affected the inner chaos which was also related to my struggle with weight. Mary said, she felt that when I began to purge and de-junk my home - the whole weight issue would also be affected as a result. I believed her then, and I believe her even more now!

So, sorry for bragging - but I am feeling so encouraged. As I will quote my facebook friend Laura (from Lose Weight with Laura group on facebook) "we are going to look and feel so fine in 2009! If you struggle with weight issues and you want to meet another encouraging woman - joing the Lose Weight with Laura group on facebook - I have come to love and appreciate, and also email back and forth with Laura. She is another gift from God to me!!

Seems like this week - I can thank God for many gifts from him - in the form of women who love and encourage me! I am so blessed (and did I say, 11 lbs lighter! sorry, I just had to say it again!)

Lord, thank you for your strength to overcome these weight struggles. I know God that you have created me in your image. I also know that when I follow healthy life styles in regards to the way to eat, and exercise - that I feel stronger and healthier - and I believe this is how I can take care of the "temple" you have given me. Thank you Holy Spirit for your nudging and prompting in those times of temptation. Help me to make wise choices that will in turn help me to get physically stronger and healthier. Lord, I give you the honor and the glory - even for this weight loss. I believe you celebrate with me - and will continue to do so. Help me to keep my eyes on you - and not on myself. Help me to not become proud or arrogant. Thank you Lord for the women you put in my life - who are my encouragers - first of all my girls, and my sisters - and then women like Leyla, and Laura... and Elizabeth and Kim who all have experienced the push and pull of weight/food related issues. Lord, I am truly truly blessed. Thank you. Amen

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