Wednesday, September 2

I just love my man!! Today is our anniversary!! 31 years~ 35 being in love!!

Today is our anniversary – 31 years ago, we became man and wife!! It is hard to believe in some ways – it seems like yesterday. And the very cool thing is – I still love my man! I also think that God gave me the greatest gift humanly speaking – in the gift of my husband. I will never forget seeing him coming down the stairs at MBCI – the first day of school in Sept of 1976. I still remember what I was wearing too – as we didn’t have to wear our KILTS (the uniform at the time) on the first day of school. There he was – a white t-shirt, jeans and high top converse sneakers. He had big hair – and it was a little wildly coiffed!! Or not coiffed at all! Alvin. Alvin Klassen. My life changed that day – as I just seemed to KNOW that this was the man I was going to marry.

We began dating “officially going steady” on November 21st of that year 1976 and we have been “in love” since. We were both 16. We dated for a couple months short of 4 years – and then we got married, at the age of 20. It was a beautiful sunny day with blue skies – much like today!! That was the day I went from being a THOMAS to a KLASSEN.

We have been going steady and madly in love for 35 years out of our 51 years of life!! That is a long time!!

Lately (especially yesterday when Ash and Mike were out) we were purging the junk downstairs – and of course some of that included miscellaneous lists, etc that I kept (lists from wedding planning etc.) Who keeps that stuff?? (I did – and lots of it!)
Anyhow – I came across a scrapbook my mom made for one of my showers. On one of the pages was something that my Granny wrote. Now, I don’t think it was written for me – as when she passed away, she had just gotten to know Alvin. Actually the first time she met him, he drove her home, and as she was getting out of his little VW bug – she hugged him and kissed him!! We laughed as my Granny didn’t do that to just anyone!!

Anyhow, she was not around for my wedding, as she passed away in 1977. But my mom included something that Granny had written. It is in her handwriting too – which makes me miss her! I loved my Granny!

Here it is – good advice from Granny Ladell – for anyone!

LET GOD BE GOD – in your family tangles

Loving is work. Living in a family is great. But it’s not simple. Each person in your house has a will of his won and the sparks fly and tears flow. Home may be one of the toughest tests of your Christianity. In fact the rugged demands of the close family circle may be almost impossible – unless you let GOD BE GOD!

You’ve got the mortgage and doctor bills. The kids are getting poor grades. Everybody needs the car at the same time. And you never quite keep up with the crowd. You have to admit when you are all by yourself, that you never really feel like you’re out from under the pressure. And, you won’t be – unless you can center your love and loyalty in Jesus Christ. The word of God is still the supreme blueprint for all of life’s snarls.


Jean said...

Beautiful thoughts that your Granny expressed in that note. So true also.
One of my favorite verses for a guide in married life is:
"Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves." Phil. 2:3
this morning my reading was in Eph. 5 and the last verse is very challenging.
God bless and keep you.
love, jean

Christine said...

at first glance i thought that was josh,instead of your hubby(well, the suit kinda gave it away)..but that's a serious resemblance!!! very cool.

gord and janice said...

What wonderful words from your Granny. Have a wonderful anniversary! Love you guys.