Tuesday, November 24

they will be like STRONG Oaks!!

** this picture is from our walk today – from the only oaks left standing in the pasture that was cleared many years ago.

As well as a second picture to show you part the dead poplars – I think they look not just dead but desolate – what a picture of spiritual deadness….


I just came in from a long walk – me and Oreo. The cats aren’t as enthused about walking with me now that I have been going longer and farther. But Oreo is faithful.

When Alvin is home – he and I go walking together. When the kids are here – we often go walking together as well. It is just a time when bonding naturally happens while out in creation.

On Sunday as Alvin and I were walking – I decided to ask him why there were so many big dips in the field at the back. Now, you have to know about my man. Honestly, I have NEVER met a man like him – ever. That is a big compliment. I think I have blogged before about him – about how he is a “jack of all trades and master of all of them!”
The kids used to (not as often) shake their heads and laugh as we would be talking and Alvin would go off on a real-life object lesson. The thing is – he just knows A LOT. And, what he doesn’t know – he reads about, or studies until he figures it out.

The other day when we were walking – he told me that the “large bowled out area” in the back – the area that often turns into a pond in spring, complete with ducks – well he reminded me that his dad was sure that a meteor had landed there – because all of our land is basically the same level – except for this area – a round bowled out area. Really, if you look – you can actually imagine it!! I think Dad K. was a thinker like Alvin too – guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!!

Anyhow – back to Sunday – and our walk. So, as I walked I decided to ask him why there were so many hollowed out places – I knew we had the land cleared in the back – so were all the hollowed places where rocks had been? If so, where are all the rocks now? Alvin told me that wherever there is a big hollowed out hole (which is now grassed) it is because a big oak was taken down. At the time, we were just going farther into the bush – and he pointed and showed me that in certain areas there are no oaks – just black poplars. (It must have something to do with acidic soil perhaps). Then he talked about how poplars die from the inside out – they die, and eventually just break and fall over. (Alviin has been pulling quite a few dead fallen over poplars off of the fence line). But then he went on to say that when you clear land – and if the bulldozer/cat hits and oak, it just stops. Oaks root systems are deep, and complex. So then he said, the bulldozer/car has to begin “taking the oak down” by hitting it further up the tree and pushing. Eventually what happens is the whole root system pulls out of the ground, as the tree is pushed over. Often in the root system, there are some stones, etc…. it all just comes up and the tree lays down flat, root system pulled out and exposed completely.
Then, what is left is the big hollowed out hole!

So today as I walked – I thought a lot about that. Last week I came across the verse from Isaiah 61: 3 NLT
“To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes,
A joyous blessing instead of mourning,
A festive praise instead of despair.
In their righteousness, they will be like strong oaks that the Lord has planted for his own glory!”
Did you get that – He is giving me some amazing things!! Beauty for ashes – joyous blessing for mourning – festive praise for despair AND He is making me into a STRONG OAK for his own glory!! O Lord – thank you.

As I walked I realized that I never want to be like a poplar that rots on the inside out and just breaks off when it gets a little windy. NO, I thank you Lord God – that you are making me into a strong oak.

Today as I walked – I walked and prayed again for my family – my man, my kids, my grandbaby. I prayed that God would raise my grandbaby that we are anxiously and excitedly awaiting for in a bit over three weeks - to be a “mighty seedling that will one day grow into a strong and mighty oak!” I thank God that my kids love the Lord – and have become strong oaks in His power as well. And me and Poppa Oak – we are thanking God and loving our kids! Little Acorns do grow up!!


leah said...

I think this is my favourite post of yours Mom. Oaks also grow very slowly and steadily...I feel like that's totally me, spiritually speaking.

ashleymarie said...

that really brings a new meaning to that verse for me.

i'm glad that we have Dad, and also had grandpa to teach us all of these things :)