Sunday, November 1

frozen toes

It has been a long day - good, but long. We got up "late" - the clock was not turned back the hour - so it said 8:30 am but it was actually 7:30. Alvin's internal clock had not set back!!

Got up, dressed, he went to put woood in the boiler - not much, as it wasn't too cold, although it had snowed a skiff.... enough to make it look a little white.
We went for a walk - a long walk in the "back 40"... and by the time I got back, my toes were frozen, as my runners have some mesh in them, and well - with the ground being wet - it didn't take long. I didn't complain till we were almost back - by then we were out for at least 40 min. and my toes were wet and cold, not to mention my pants were wet too, halfway up the calf! Funny what a little skiff of snow can do.

The rest of the day - exercised to my dvd - used the "chi" machine (let me tell you about that sometime!) and made lunch, and then headed into the city to get our son (in-law's) gift, and to meet Jerald to talk over the plans for the retreat house.
Then we met for a surprise dinner for Michael's bithday at The Old Spagetti Factory and back to the kids house for coffee, cake and fellowship. Oh, and Michael opened the gifts.

We talked - we laughed till the tears rolled. It is always good being with family and friends. We love hanging with Michael's family and his friends - his family became our family a while ago!

This has been a weekend of connecting with some of the people we love - besides our kids - this weekend included Lloyd, Judy, Kim, Kevin, Willy, Betty, Elmer, Jeannette, our nephew Danny, Phoebe, Donovan, Jeremiah and Chad (Michael's friends) and Jerald. And, a long connecting phonecall with my accountability sister in Christ - Elizabeth!! This weekend, there has been a lot of laughing.... (I soooooo needed that)....alot of talking and listening.... (even I listened, I didn't just talk!).... alot of hugging (even my cousin Kevin who "hates" to hug!).... we spent time "in community" and I realize how important these relationships are!! (and these are just some of them!)

Before the weekend, I spend Thursday night with some of my extended family - my siblings and their spouses, except for one of my sisters in law. It was also a time of good fellowship - laughing, listening, talking. We do that - on the Thomas side, although lately it feels like it has been few and far between. I miss that.

Anyhow - I am so thankful for moments of being in community with those we love and those that love us! What a gift to have family and friends. Where would I be without my husband... without my kids.... without my friends and family. But more so, where would I be without my God, who is his great wisdom, has created us to love and be loved.... wow....

Lord, thank you for days like this when I pause and reflect on the gift of community to me. For those who love and allow me to love them. For those in my life who push me at times, and at other times, just allow me to be...
Lord, thank you for those who are influential in my walk with you Jesus. I am so blessed - frozen toes and all. Amen

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