Monday, November 23

today's schedule

Got up (later than usual)- what's with that??

Now - off to the important things for today -

Quiet Time with the Lord (Lord, what do you have to say to me today?)

Breakfast - nothing like steel-cut oats with cinnamon, raisens and cooked apples/cin and a touch of honey on top!

Exercise - going to walk - gotta find another stone today - it is called "feelings of rejection" (more on that some other time

Dance Pad - still loving my dance pad - moving to some good christian tunes! Keeping track of minutes and steps! (Breaking 10,000 steps a day is harder than I thought)

Christmas Garland with Lights - it will go up on my railings inside today. I love the look of the little lights - at night they cast a glow over my living room and it just feels so peaceful.

Vacuum - can't NOT do it after the garland goes up - makes a little mess!

Work on the "program" for our extended Klassen Gathering this coming Sunday - I volunteered since I am the only one with no job and time on my hands! Now, where can I find a Kereoke machine and Christmas songs?

Coffee tonight at Grace Cafe with one of my friends, Joanne: I love how visiting with other women is so nurturing to my soul. Like water to a dry land. I guess as an older woman, with raising of kids behind me - I do have some things to offer younger moms. I look forward to this time together, which happens few and far between.

Other thoughts on my plate today - someone told me that many people I know need to be nurtured, and that somehow she thinks I have a place in that - she had talked to me prior to my finishing at McIvor, about whether I would "plant" a church. She thinks my job is still to be "pastoral" even though I am no longer a paid pastor.

I don't think that I ever wanted to plant a church. When my kids were commissioned to plant a church, just before we experienced Jay's silent birth - Alvin and I always thought that we would do what was needed to support them in the new plant. Obviously this plant did not happen. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why. Lately however I have been LONGING to just get a few together to "do church" ... I think what I am really starving for is feeling like I belong somewhere, and also longing for authentic, honest and vulnerability. You know - being able to take off a mask and still feel like there is a community who dares to do the same. Big thoughts - they will be on my plate today. I KNOW people are looking to be cared for... I know. I hear it often. I feel it myself. God - what do you want me/us to do for you? Please speak.

This is my schedule - gotta get off this blogspot so that I can get going on it.
Hope your day is a wonderful one!!

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